John Ford Looks Back On His Life

It might seem to be unfair to, every time John Ford‘s name is evoked, refer to the hits he wrote and performed during his stints with STRAWBS, HUDSON FORD and THE MONKS – respectively, “Part Of The Union,” “Burn Baby Burn” and “Nice Legs Shame About The Face” – but that’s the way it is for this veteran musician. He still has a knack for a memorable melody, whether instrumental or vocal one, as proved by Ford’s latest offerings, 2014’s "No Talkin'" and "A Better Day" from the following year. The last record to bear a John-penned tune was "Settlement" that found him briefly return to his old band’s fold, but August 20th will see the release of the artist’s new solo album.

Titled “Life In A Foreign Town” and featuring a dozen fresh compositions, it promises to sound as arresting as the rest of Ford’s platters. That’s what John says about this record: “The whole album is loosely based on my life living in America the last thirty years. The ‘All Locked Down’ song was written and recorded in the middle of the pandemic last year, the same time as I was recording my contributions to the latest STRAWBS album.” And that’s what it’s going to look like.

Life In A Foreign Town

1. I Don’t Want To Hear It
2. Somewhere Down The Line
3. Another Tradition Broken
4. Back In England
5. Can’t Let Go
6. Bed Of Nails
7. All Locked Down
8. Life In A Foreign Town
9. Tomorrow Never Comes
10. Dance With The Devil
11. Along The Way
12. Broken Road

July 22, 2021

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