John Hackett In Search For Alternative Existence

It’s taken flautist John Hackett about a decade to flesh out a concept he nurtured for a long time. “Another Life” is a title of his new album, scheduled for September 25th, but a song that gives the record its theme appeared in Hackett’s live repertoire as early as 2006. Since then, a single composition turned into a suite of sorts, a rumination on our real and possible existence, with ideas being carried over between various pieces. For the realization of it all, John enrolled familiar – or even familial – faces: brother Steve, another ex-GENESIS guitarist Anthony Phillips and the Hacketts’ former colleague Nick Magnus. A little prog event, this album follows another reedman’s release on Esoteric, “Transgression” by Theo Travis.

In full, John Hackett’s record runs like this:

JOHN HACKETT - Another Life

Another Life

1. Another Life
2. Look Up
3. Poison Town
4. White Lines
5. Life In Reverse
6. Burnt Down Trees
7. Satellite
8. Forest
9. Magazine
10. Rain
11. Actors
12. Another Day, Another Night
13. Poison Town Reprise

July 28, 2015

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