John Hackett Taps Into The Heart Of His Craft

Not that he’s ever issued anything even remotely insipid but John Hackett‘s recent releases were particularly strong – be it "We Are Not Alone" which the veteran put out with his band or "Beyond The Stars" (not made available for review) which he shaped in a duo mode with Nick Fletcher – so there’s a little wonder in the fact that the multi-instrumentalist’s new solo album is going to be wondrous, to say the least. Titled “The Piper Plays His Tune” to allude to John’s primary tool, flute, and also to his early fascination with Ian McDonald‘s work with a certain prog ensemble, and scheduled to hit the shelves in November, this record doesn’t adhere to art-rock lines, opting instead for clever pop format – ideal for songs laid down during lockdown.

There are ten pieces on the album – varied in mood, as heard in the teaser below, but arresting and touching – that make it an irresistible offering – read the review.

The Piper Plays His Tune

1. Masters Of My Past
2. Broken
3. In Love
4. Crying Shame
5. Broken Glass
6. Julia
7. Too Late For Dreamers
8. Clown
9. Loved By You
10. There You Go Again

October 26, 2020

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