John Lees Celebrates 50 Years Of BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST

They may have started out in 1966, yet it was two years later that BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST got a record deal and began what’s been lasting for five decades now. In order to mark the occasion, one of the band’s two fractions, led by guitarist John Lees, played a special concert in Manchester, at the Royal Northern College of Music, on May 6th, and the resulting recording is to be released on November 23rd, six months after the show. It was a one-off performance, with usual set list entries interspersed with rarer cuts dating back to the group’s early days and pieces that had never been played on-stage before.

Now it all will be commemorated on 2CD/DVD set, which looks like this:

JOHN LEE’S BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST - The 50th Anniversary Concert

The 50th Anniversary Concert

1. Mr. Sunshine
2. Child Of The Universe
3. She Said
4. Paraiso Do Cavalos / Sideshow
5. The Iron Maiden
6. In My Life
7. North
8. In Memory Of The Martyrs
9. The Acoustic Medley:
   a. Delph Town Morn
   b. One Night
   c. Mr. E
   d. Guitar Blues
   e. Just A Day Away
   f. Unreservedly Yours
10. River Of Dreams
11. On Leave
12. Taking Some Time On
13. Summer Soldier
14. Medicine Man
15. Mockingbird
16. Crazy City
17. The Poet / After The Day
18. Early Morning
19. Hymn

September 27, 2018

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