John Lennon’s “Mind Games” Deluxe Edition: Details Unveiled

It’s been seven month since, on John Lennon‘s birthday, an announcement was made of the forthcoming “Mind Games” box set – the news simultaneously expected and unexpected. Expected because nobody doubted that the ex-Beatle’s reissue programme would reach his 1973 album and that it would be produced similarly to “Plastic Ono Band” and “Imagine” when they became eligible for deluxe 50th anniversary treatment. although each release of “The Ultimate Collection” appeared a year late; and unexpected because the programme skips 1972’s “Some Time In New York City” whose unpopularity hardly warranted such an expansion. And now there’s not only a street date of a refreshed, Sean Lennon-produced “Games” is known but also the set’s contents.

As with the previous sets, everything that’s in here has been remixed – so one doesn’t get rid of 2010’s “The John Lennon Signature Box” which is comprised of remastered records – with the album’s tracks presented in various versions, including those revealing the songs’ structures, development and details of arrangements. Of course, it’s accompanied by a 128-page hardback coffee table book – as usual, available as a standalone, more substantial variant, the reproductions of the original marketing poster and artworks, plus an individually numbered Citizen of Nutopia ID Card. Worth mentioning the inclusion in all the mixes of “Nutopian International Anthem / Declaration Of Nutopia” that was nothing more than three seconds of silence, so Lennon’s sense of humor must be pertained still. Those not too interested in the pieces’ evolution etcetera can focus on 2CD or 2LP editions, with “Ultimate Mixes” one disc and outtakes on the other; and those who want more can fork out $1,695 for the super deluxe edition, limited to 1,100 copies worldwide and adding special packaging, with genuine mind games in form of puzzles, seven vinyl longplays and other goodies.

Mind Games:
The Ultimate Collection

CD 1 – Ultimate Mixes:
1. Mind Games
2. Tight A$
3. Aisumasen (I’m Sorry)
4. One Day (At A Time)
5. Bring On The Lucie (Freeda Peeple)
6. Nutopian International Anthem
7. Intuition
8. Out The Blue
9. Only People
10. I Know (I Know)
11. You Are Here
12. Meat City

CD 2 – Elemental Mixes:
1-12 – as on CD 1

CD 3 – Elements Mixes:
1-12 – as on CD 1

CD 4 – Evolution Documentary:
1-12 – as on CD 1

CD 5 – The Raw Studio Mixes:
1-12 – as on CD 1

Mind Games:
Deluxe Edition

CD 6 – The Outtakes:
1. Mind Games (outtake, take 7)
2. Tight A$ (outtake, take 6)
3. Aisumasen (I’m Sorry) (outtake, take 2)
4. One Day (At A Time) (outtake, take 18)
5. Bring On The Lucie (Freeda Peeple) (outtake, take 15)
6. Declaration Of Nutopia (outtake, take 1)
7. Intuition (outtake, take 12)
8. Out The Blue (outtake, take 15)
9. Only People (outtake, take 12)
10. I Know (I Know) (outtake, take 22)
11. You Are Here (outtake, take 5)
12. Meat City (outtake, take 16)

Blu-ray 1:
Audio – hi-res 24/192 Stereo, 24/192 5.1 Surround, and 24/48 Dolby Atmos
⦁ The Ultimate Mixes: – 1-12 – as on CD 1
⦁ Elemental Mixes – 1-12 – as on CD 2
⦁ Elements Mixes – 1-12 – as on CD 3

Blu-ray 2:
Audio – hi-res 24/192 Stereo, 24/192 5.1 Surround, and 24/48 Dolby Atmos
⦁ Evolution Documentary – 1-12 – as on CD 4
⦁ The Raw Studio Mixes – 1-12 – as on CD 5
⦁ The Outtakes – 1-12 – as on CD 6
⦁ Mind Games – 2024 remaster
⦁ You Are Here (additional out-take) – tape boxes

May 16, 2024

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