John Wetton And David Cross Reunited On A Take On GENESIS Hit

A quarter-century has passed since “The Fox Lies Down” – one of the most memorable tributes to GENESIS – saw the light of day. Among that star-studded album’s highlights was a breathtaking version of “Your Own Special Way” – delivered by John Wetton‘s honeyed voice – that got a new lease of live a few days ago, when the great late artist reunited with his erstwhile colleague David Cross.

Your Own Special Way

Of course, there’s a studio trickery involved in this piece’s creation – performed by guitarist Fernando Perdomo who goes from strength to strength as a producer. It was him that, upon receiving Wetton’s isolated vocal track requested Cross be contacted and asked to provide a violin part, and it was him that sculpted a fresh backing out of guitar, bass, drums and, naturally, Mellotrons and Rhodes, as he felt obliged to approach this job as if it was a 1973 session for KING CRIMSON.

The are more productions coming from Fern, and the results of his work, despite this scribe’s aversion to reanimating the dead, are impressive – judge for yourselves:

April 3, 2023

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