John Wetton And Geoff Downes: From Archival Tapes To A New Music

John Wetton and Geoff DownesSince John Wetton‘s passing the creative future of ASIA may remain in limbo, although there’s a number of songs he and Geoff Downes wrote in preparation for the band’s next record that can be finished to see the light of day, but their music – old and new – will continue to be released. A few items are hitting the shelves rather soon: an official edition of the pair’s out-of-the-group project, John’s vintage concert tapes, and a third album from Geoffrey’s collaboration with Chris Braide.

“Skyscraper Souls” by DOWNES BRAIDE ASSOCIATION, or DBA, is a follow-up to 2015’s "Suburban Ghosts", but their fresh prog-pop confection has a twist to it going beyond Roger Dean’s distinctive cover artwork. Out on November 17th, this disc hosts several prominent guests, Marc Almond, Tim Bowness, and XTC’s Andy Partridge among those.


Skyscraper Souls

As a result, both traditional and experimental aspects of the duo’s pieces seem to be covered here. Given “Prelude” and “Finale” are present, a concept lurks in there as well. Note the “3” in the logo and think of it as a sign of the project acquiring another dimension. (Read the review.)

1. Prelude (ft. Andy Partridge)
2. Skyscraper Souls (ft. Kate Pierson)
3. Glacier Girl (ft. Andy Partridge)
4. Angel On Your Shoulder (ft. Matthew Koma)
5. Tomorrow (ft. David Longdon)
6. Lighthouse (ft. Tim Bowness)
7. Skin Deep (ft. Marc Almond)
8. Darker Times (ft. Andy Partridge)
9. Finale (ft. Andy Partridge)

A week before this release, on November 10th, another installment in the ICON reissue series is to be out. Titled “Zero” to mark its place in the discography of Wetton and Downes’ other ensemble, it’s actually an infamous – in terms of official realization – album the ASIA men laid down in the late ’80s, when ASIA had been put on hold. “Summer (Can’t Last Too Long)” was eventually re-cut for the band’s “Then & Now” LP, and “We Move As One” landed on a record by ABBA’s Agnetha, but the rest of the tracks retained a demo air. Now, the semi-bootleg’s content has is remastered and expanded for a comprehensive addition to Downes and Wetton’s canon. (Read the review.)

ICON - Zero


1. Walking On Air
2. I Would Die For You
3. Only You
4. Running Out Of Time
5. Soul
6. Just As Long (As I Need You)
7. Don’t Say It Again
8. Kari-Anne
9. Lost In America
10. Please
11. Summer (Can’t Last Too Long)
12. We Move As One (feat. Agnetha Faltskog)
13. Oh! Carolann
14. She Knows (demo)
15. I Would Die For You (alt. version)

Wetton’s solo archives hold rarities as well. John’s “Akustika – Live In Amerika” from 1996’s was his second concert CD that wasn’t exposed to the public in the way 1995’s “Chasing The Dragon” was, and then it got lost in a plethora of official bootlegs that provided the artist’s fans with lots of delight. That unplugged album’s snapshot of him playing and singing to pre-recorded backing tapes set it apart from what would follow, and the document’s October 6th re-release will allow those who couldn’t get hold of of the disc to listen to it in remastered form. More so, it’s a twofer now, with “Akustika II – Return To Amerika” capturing the veteran’s previously unissued 2005 show. (Read the review.)

JOHN WETTON - Akustika / Akustika II

Akustika / Akustika II

Disc One – Akustika:
1. Voice Of America
2. Hold Me Now
3. Rendezvous 6:02
4. Christina
5. 30 Years
6. Only Time Will Tell
7. Book Of Saturday
8. Don’t Cry
9. Battle Lines
10. The Smile Had Left Your Eyes
11. Heat Of The Moment
12. You’re Not The Only One

Disc Two – Akustika II:
1. Walking On Air
2. Meet Me At Midnight
3. Sole Survivor
4. Book Of Saturday
5. Emma
6. Days Like These
7. Thirty Years / Hold Me Now
8. Arkangel
9. Rendezvous 6:02
10. Starless
11. Voice Of America
12. Woman
13. The Night Watch
14. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
15. Heat Of The Moment

September 22, 2017

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