John Wetton’s Radio Sessions On The Go

Since John Wetton is starting chemotherapy now, after his recent operation, there’s no plans for a solo project or an ASIA tour as of now, yet that doesn’t mean the veteran’s been spending the downtime doing nothing but recuperating. Over this period, John oversaw the forthcoming release of “Live Via Satellite,” a double-CD set comprised of the sessions he played in Stockholm’s Grona Lund in 1998 and on XM Radio in Washington DC in 2001. First concert made it to a half-legal DVD, while the second was thought to have been lost in a fire forever until the fans found a duplicate of the masters. And now here’s a chance to hear the rather rare live rendition of “You’re Not The Only One” off “Battle Lines” from Sweden and the traditional “The Water Is Wide” from the USA.

Out on October 9th, the set looks like this (read the review here):

JOHN WETTON - Live Via Satellite

Live Via Satellite

Disc One – Stockholm:

1. The Circle Of St. Giles
2. Heat Of The Moment
3. Book Of Saturday
4. Battle Lines
5. Arkangel
6. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
7. Easy Money
8. Emma
9. 30 Years
10. Hold Me Now
11. Rendezvous 6:02
12. The Night Watch
13. You’re Not The Only One
14. Starless

Disc Two – Washington:

1. Introduction
2. The Circle Of St Giles
3. Heat Of The Moment
4. Mondrago / Book Of Saturday
5. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
6. 30 Years
7. Hold Me Now
8. Arkangel
9. Emma
10. Sole Survivor
11. Rendezvous 6:02
12. The Water Is Wide
13. Starless
14. Battle Lines

August 27, 2015

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