Largely forgotten by now, English punks JOHNNY MOPED refuse to remain a history tomes’ footnote and be remembered only for having Captain Sensible and Chrissie Hynde in their ranks, and the ensemble’s fiftieth anniversary is a great cause to remind the world of the band’s existence. It’s not been intermittent, yet it’s last spell that started in 2011 brought forth two albums – one more than their original four-year lifespan – and May 17th will see the release of the veterans’ fifth longplay.

What’s to hit the shelves as “Quonk!” after a half-decade recording hiatus the group attributes to laziness is comprised of eleven cuts written by singer whose name the collective appropriated and guitarist Slimy Toad – the two original members – that are still full of fire and ire, if pieces like “I’m A Skitzoid (Mind Bender Syndrome)” are anything to go by. Whether the good Captain who’s regularly moonlighting with his old pals on stage and in the studio will be on the album remains to be heard, though.


1. Heebie Jeebie Boogie
2. Roxy You’re Gone
3. Doggy Woggy
4. Things May Happen
5. Lockdown Boy
6. See The Time Is Late
7. Sounds Like
8. Funny
9. Oh Jane
10. I’m A Skitzoid (Mind Bender Syndrome)
11. Skin

May 6, 2024

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