Johnny Thunders’ Long Lost Concert To Be Out

1984 was a watershed year for Johnny Thunders: he recorded “Live At The Lyceum Ballroom” with THE HEARTBREAKERS, their last ever album, and shortly went solo before forming and fronting THE BLACK CATS with whom the guitarist would record “Que Sera Sera” in 1985. It’s from this period that “Madrid Memory” comes from – a show shot for a Spanish TV broadcast which was deemed lost for a long time, and a very special document because what has just been out as CD/DVD combo and vinyl LP features, alongside Thunders, his former NEW YORK DOLLS colleagues Sylvain Sylvain and Jerry Nolan on, respectively, guitar and drums, as well as Heartbreaker Billy Rath on bass.

As for the repertoire of this performance, it’s a great blend of Johnny’s classics and an occasional cover:


Madrid Memory

1. Pipeline
2. Personality Crisis
3. Too Much Junkie Business
4. In Cold Blood
5. Just Another Girl
6. Alone In A Crowd
7. Sad Vacation
8. Don’t Mess With Cupid
9. Green Onions
10. Copy Cat
11. 14th Street Beat
12. I Love You
13. Born Too Lose
14. Eve Of Destruction
15. Diary Of A Lover
16. Hurt Me
17. You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory

April 14, 2019

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