Jon Camp And Maurice Douglas Run A MoJo Errand

Maurice Douglas and Jon Camp

Maurice Douglas and Jon Camp

Given a bluesy connotation of “mojo” – although there’s always magic in the word – it’s easy to misunderstand the motifs, and motives, of MoJo. But when it comes to this new British duo, the parts of their name stand for the names of musicians: Maurice Douglas and Jon Camp. The former was one half of twin guitar engine in Martin Turner’s WISHBONE ASH, while the latter used to be an integral unit of classic RENAISSANCE, whose role as bass virtuoso and singer can’t be underestimated – just watch the band’s live videos. Yet together, the two created something completely different, something that bears neither hard rock, nor prog imprint, and sure there’s no sign of blues on the collective’s debut album “Urgent Delivery” which will be available soon. What’s on there can be classified as a tight-but-loose new-age or fusion, attractive and arresting.

Says Maurice: “‘Urgent Delivery’ is an album that has everything really, and the realization of its potential has been grown throughout the whole process. Jon and I, though, have worked non-stop to produce an album we can both be proud of while been able to utilize our musical skills to their full potential. All the tracks were carefully planned during the writing process… I now speak for both Jon and myself, and personally don’t think there are any bad tracks on the album.
Jon and I have formed the perfect partnership in my view, which I can only describe as the dream team as we seem to have an uncanny knack of thinking alike and eating from the same bowl so to speak. I so look forward to our next adventure which incidentally will be a vocal album project.”

Jon adds: “‘Urgent Delivery’ works so well for me because it wasn’t planned! Maurice and I discussed working together after meeting on social media and realizing that we were kindred spirits in so many ways. The album to me is an eclectic mix of styles, different approaches, and as a piece of work stands tall in my humble opinion – the fact that it is entirely instrumental makes it even more interesting to me.
Maurice and I played every last note on the album, but at no time does it descend into self-indulgence. Working with Maurice has been an absolute dream – apart from being a stunning musician and writer, he has a professional outlook that echoes mine. As a songwriting team we have a tremendous affinity with each other that makes the creative process easier than either of us has experienced in the past. The next album, with vocals this time, is already in the early stages of writing and I look forward to many years of us working together on numerous projects.”

Currently, the album is under release consideration by a very well respected record label and, hopefully, the option will be taken up, but if not, as mentioned before, it will be available via the duo’s website.

With a review available here, the “Urgent Delivery” tracks run like this:

MoJo - Urgent Delivery

MoJo –
Urgent Delivery

1. 45 RPM
2. Desert Beauty
4. Urgent Delivery
5. Icarus
6. Raga in D
7. Towards The Sky
8. Something Out Of This World
9. Winged Messenger
10. Mods & Rockers
11. Rhapsody For Bouncer

May 26, 2017

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