Judy Dyble and Andy Lewis Dance Into Summer

Whatever’s in her past, Judy Dyble is a unique artist. Maybe, she’s been making up for a decades-long hiatus, but her latter-day run of records surpasses the singer’s work with FAIRPORTS and TRADER HORNE in terms of experimentation, and not for nothing the likes of Robert Fripp contribute to Dyble’s albums. This time, though, Judy’s got to some gentle, if robust, rocking in the company of Andy Lewis, a fellow Brit whose creative CV includes producing for Acid Jazz and playing with a certain ex-JAM singer. The lady and gentleman’s joint venture, a concept work of sorts, is titled “Summer Dancing” and set for release on August 18th to show the veteran performer in quite a new light, even though the pieces such as “The Weathermonger” are typical – and topical – Dyble.

Says Judy:
“Andy Lewis and I met through a mutual friend, Billy Reeves, for whom I was singing a song he’d written. Andy was producing the record and had come along to record me in my home. We all got on really well, though we hadn’t actually met before, but just communicated via Twitter, and Andy suggested that it might be nice to try and write some songs together. I said, ‘Yes, why not?’.
So music and words began flying across the Internet and four songs were recorded. The intention had been to do more, but I became sidetracked with anthologies and autobiographies, and Andy became busy producing and dj-ing all over the place as well as playing bass with Paul Weller, so the songs were put to one side.
Four years later Andy played those songs to Acid Jazz label’s Dean Rudland and Ed Piller who said. ‘Finish the album!’ So more music and more words flew between us, and after a lot of intensive work by Andy, recording my vocals and his everything else’s – including his mother’s beautiful recorder playing – we very quickly had what both Andy and I considered to be a fine album… And the rest as they say is history. Although really it is history which has just begun.”

JUDY DYBLE / ANDY LEWIS - Summer Dancing

Summer Dancing

1. Intro
2. He Said She Said
3. Up The Hill
4. Summer Dancing
5. These Words
6. A Message
7. Night Of 1000 Hours
8. London
9. My Electric Chauffeur
10. Treasure
11. The Day They Took The Music Away
12. Such Fragile Things
13. Summers Of Love
14. Tired Bones
15. The Weathermonger

May 30, 2017

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