Judy Dyble comes alive

A mythical figure for decades, the last years saw Judy Dyble gloriously coming back. Going from strength to strength, her 2013’s brace of "Talking With Strangers" and "Flow And Change" was little short of sensational, yet even more sensational was the folk heroine’s return to the stage. Not touring, no, but occasionally playing which makes each of her appearances more precious, and one of them resulted in the lady’s first-ever live album that’s out now.

Recorded last December with Alistair Murphy, Mark Fletcher, Jeremy Salmon, Phil Toms and Rachel Canning, “Live At WM Jazz” catches Judy deliver not only her solo pieces but also “If I Had A Ribbon Bow” which was FAIRPORT CONVENTION’s debut single when Dyble fronted the band, and “Jenny May” from her time with TRADER HORNE. It’s an enchanting recording (read the review) and here’s its full tracklist.

JUDY DYBLE - Live At WM Jazz

Live At WM Jazz

1. Talking With Strangers
2. Driftaway
3. Wintersong
4. Black Dog Dreams
5. Dreamtime
6. Silence
7. If I Had A Ribbon Bow
8. Crowbaby
9. Grey October Day
10. Jenny May
11. Sisterhood Of Ruralists

July 7, 2014

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