Judy Dyble goes for “Flow And Change”

In our recent interview Judy Dyble, one of the finest British voices, said she had a new album ready, and now “Flow And Change” is available for pre-order on Amazon. It picks up where "Talking With Strangers" left off yet takes a slightly more atmospheric flight, if “Wintersong”, a wondrous ballad that the lady kindly sent our way, is anything to go by. One may find it difficult to weave a masterpiece after masterpiece, but not Judy. Prepare for beauty, folks – and read the review.

Judy Dyble - Flow And Change

Judy Dyble –
Flow And Change

1. Black Dog Dreams
2. Featherdancing
3. Beautiful Child
4. Crowbaby
5. Driftaway
6. Head Full Of Stars
7. Silence
8. Letters
9. Wintersong
10. The Sisterhood Of Ruralists

June 3, 2013

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