Judy Dyble Observes Natural Slumber

It’s difficult to believe that Judy Dyble hasn’t release a solo album for five years now. Yes, there was a live recording in the wake of "Flow And Change" and there was some live performances, including ones with the briefly reformed TRADER HORNE, and session work, yet – apart from the singer’s collaboration with Andy Lewis last year, “Summer Dancing” (not made available for review)– there’s been a half-hiatus on creative front. The more welcome is “Earth Is Sleeping”: scheduled to hit the shelves on July 6th, this record should be a worthy continuation of Judy’s creative renaissance.

A remarkable writer, Dyble always welcomes collaborations to bring out the best in herself, and new album has a few: the title track with GRYPHON’s Brian Gulland playing oboe, “Promises” co-written with Matt Malley of COUNTING CROWS fame, “She Now Owns A Heart Of Stone” penned together with Matt Stevens from THE FIERCE AND THE DEAD who also adds guitar to the cut… With a new reading of HORNE’s “Velvet To Atone” to complement new songs, it must be great to listen to and drift away.

JUDY DYBLE - Earth Is Sleeping

Earth Is Sleeping

1. Marianna
2. Promises
3. Answerphone
4. Take Me Dancing
5. Velvet To Atone
6. Faded Elvis
7. See What Your Words
8. She Now Owns A Heart Of Stone
9. Lullaby For Ellie
10. I Found A Rainbow
11. Broken Day
12. Earth Is Sleeping
13. Newborn Creatures

May 4, 2018

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