Judy Dyble Releases A Chamber Live Album

Judy Dyble is a national treasure, her ballads – especially those that comprise the artist’s solo oeuvre – digging deep in English folklore while creative a truly individual narrative. Enchanting in studio environment, on-stage these pieces take on a different life: that’s why “Weaving Of A Silver Magic” – a document of Judy’s performance at St. Barnabas Church, Cambridge, on September 10th, 2016 – should be special. Laid down with THE BAND OF PERFECT STRANGERS – including the singer’s old accomplice Alistair Murphy who produced the album – and THE AD HOC STRINGS, arranged by Phil Thoms, it will see the light of day on April 10th, at a difficult time for Dyble, who’s undergoing treatment for cancer, so the record’s exposure must turn into a sign of support for her.

The album features pieces not only from the veteran’s then-current "Flow And Change" – whence there are six numbers – but also a couple of cuts which wouldn’t be out for another two years, and a GILES, GILES & FRIPP song Judy had delivered before it became a KING CRIMSON classic. Read the review here.

Weaving Of A Silver Magic

1. Driftaway
2. Crowbaby
3. See What Your Words
4. Faded Elvis
5. Silence
6. Featherdancing
7. Wintersong
8. The Sisterhood Of Ruralists
9. I Talk To The Wind

February 10, 2020

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