Julie And Keith Tippett Reunite On Spectral Album

One of the most creatively uninhibited couples in British experimental circles of jazz and rock stripes, Julie and Keith Tippett set off their collaborative efforts as part of his CENTIPEDE where she was a singer – after awing the audiences through individual stints with, respectively, Brian Auger and KING CRIMSON. As a result it may come as a surprise that the two musicians, who performed as a duo for some time, have released only one studio and once concert album as a pair: “Couple In Spirit” and “Live At The Purcell Room” which saw the light of day in, respectively, 1987 and 2016. Keith’s passing in 2020 seemed to render further developments impossible – yet what’s to be issued on February 24th should remedy this point.

Sound On Stone

Titled “Sound On Stone” and credited to the artists’ unit of COUPLE IN SPIRIT, the forthcoming album was designed by the couple together, but it fell on Julie to complete it by adding voice and percussion to the recordings of her late husband’s solo piano pieces. A difficult task in emotional terms, what is to be released will stun the Tippetts’ followers with its beauty and adventurousness.

1. Look…See
2. Riding
3. It’s Rain And Rain
4. A Song
5. Calling From The Roof Top
6. Windmills Of Your Mind
7. Improvisation
8. Sound On Stone

Keith and Julie Tippett on stage

January 7, 2023

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