July 10, 2002


While all the rumours of THE FACES reunion remain no more than rumours, something of a kind is happening indeed. Kenney Jones and Ronnie Wood called to arms Paul Young, ex-BAD CO Robert Hart, FOREIGNER’s Rick Wills and Gary Grainger off Rod Stewart’s band to record a charity single for all the suffering children of the world. With Jones-established Small Faces All Children Charitable Trust administering the project, the single, “It’s All About the Children” will be out on July 22nd .

Says Kenney Jones, “The aim of our charity is to provide support where other assistance may often be unavailable. The only criterion our charity embraces is that of helping all children in difficulty as best we can.” The single is to include the original track and two remixes, dance and funky, and all the proceeds from the sales will benefit the charity.


Former ALICE COOPER GROUP guitarist MIchael Bruce continues his work with N-M-C Music in the wake of his "In My Own Way - The Complete Sessions" set with upcoming live album called “Halo Of Ice”. Recorded earlier this year in Iceland, it features mostly classic tunes and is a must for Cooper fans:

1. Hello Hooray (intro)
2. Under My Wheels
3. Is It My Body
4. Second Coming
5. Desperado
6. Hard-Hearted Alice
7. Be My Lover
8. No More Mr. Nice Guy
9. Halo Of Flies
10.Caught In A Dream
11.Muscle Of Love
12.I’m Eighteen
13.Billion Dollar Babies


They’re chili hot, these two LITTLE FEAT sets of previously unreleleased live material spanning more than three decades, from 1970 up to 2002, one called “Raw Tomatos”, the other, yes, “Ripe Tomatos”. Bite in!

CD 1:

1. Crack In Your Door
2. The Fan
3. Trouble
4. Apolitical Blues
5. Fat Man In The Bathtub
6. Sailin’ Shoes
7. Teenage Nervous Breakdown
8. Ass For Days
9. Gringo
10. Rocket In My Pocket
11. Long Distance Love
12. Long Time ‘Til I Get Over You
13. Change In Luck
14. Mojo Haiku
15. Those Feat’ll Steer You Wrong Sometimes
16. Strawberry Flats
17. Six Feet Of Snow
18. Shake Me Up
19. Business As Usual

CD 2:

1. Rock ‘n’ Roll Doctor
2. Time Loves A Hero
3. The Blues Don’t Tell It All
4. Voodoo Jam
5. Honest Man
6. Blue Jean Blues
7. Rocket In My Pocket
8. Old Folks Boogie
9. Rio Esperanza
10. Borderline Blues
11. Let It Roll

Raw Tomatos

Ripe Tomatos
CD 1:

1. Teenage Nervous Breakdown
2. Cold, Cold, Cold /
Dixie Chicken
3. The Fan
4. Cat Fever
5. Texas Rose Cafe
6. Lafayette Railroad
7. Hamburger Midnight Blues
8. Apolitical Blues
9. Tripe Face Boogie
10. Down Below The Borderline
11. That’s Her She’s Mine
12. Daily Grind
13. Hangin’ On To The Good Times
14. Feelings All Gone
15. Silver Screen
16. The Ingenue

CD 2:

1. The Ingenue
2. Loved And Lied To
3. Texas Rose Cafe
4. Under The Radar
5. Cadillac Hotel
6. Ain’t Had Enough Fun
7. Vale Of Tears
8. Eden’s Wall
9. Voices On The Wind
10. This Land Is Your Land
11. Blue Jean Blues
12. I Got Happiness

July 10, 2002

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