July 10, 2003


After an unexpected delay, another batch of the YES re-issues will finally make it to the fans’ hands on August 26th. Each of the newly remastered albums is augmented with a smattering of unique bonus material, some previously unreleased.

Close To The Edge (1972):
– America (single version)
– Total Mass Retain (single version)
– And You And I (alternate version)
– Siberia (“Siberian Khatru” studio run-through)

Tales From Topographic Ocean (1973):
– Dance Of The Dawn (studio run-through)
– Giants Under The Sun (studio run-through)

Relayer (1974):
– Soon (single edit)
– Sound Chaser (single edit)
– The Gates Of Delirium (studio run-through)

Going For The One (1977):
– Montreux’s Theme (issued on “YesYears”)
– Vevey (Revisited) (edit of track issued on “YesYears”)
– Amazing Grace (issued on “YesYears”)
– Going For The One (rehearsal)
– Parallels (rehearsal)
– Turn Of The Century (rehearsal)
– Eastern Numbers (“Awaken” early version)


Dealing with exotic instruments like sitar back in the ’60s and tapping onto electronica buzz in the ’90s, Jeff Beck invariably remains on the forefront of the music experimenting. There won’t be an exclusion, then, with his new album, called simply “Jeff”, that’s to hit the stores on July 22nd and be followed by tour later on:

1. Hot Rod Honeymoon
2. Plan B
3. Porqupine
4. My Thing
5. Troubled Man
6. Grease Monkey
7. Line Dance With Monkeys
8. Seasons
9. Take A Ride
10. Pay Me No Mind
11. Bulgarian
12. Why Lord Oh Why


When an artist is busy, the fans must prepare to be shelling out the dough, yet there’s hardly any complaining aficionado of Steve Hackett‘s talent. Veteran guitarist has two new titles now in the pipeline to satisfy the lot with a healthy appetite.

The first of those, called “The Hungarian Horizons”, is a DVD / 2CD set, although it’s only in Europe that this will be available in such a form, while the US market is subscribed to a single DVD, and a 2CD edition will be obtainable exclusively through Hackett’s website. Recorded in Budapest on January 26th 2002, the acoustic performance by Steve, his brother John on flute and Roger King on keyboards is included in its 104-minute entirety; also the DVD contains “A Weekend In Budapest” documentary feature.

1. Horizons
2. Gnossienne #1
3. Bouree / Bacchus
4. Firth Of Fifth (excerpt)
5. Bay Of Kings
6. Syrinx
7. Imagining
8. Second Chance
9. Jacuzzi
10. Overnight Sleeper
11. The Barren Land
12. Black Light
13. Kim
14. Time Lapse At Milton Keynes
15. The Chinese Jam
16. Concerto In D
17. Hairless Heart
18. Cinema Paradiso
19. Mustard Seed
20. Gymnopedie #1
21. Jazz On A Summer’s Night
22. Little Cloud
23. Cavalcanti
24. Walking Away From Rainbows
25. Andante In C
26. Concert for Munich
27. The Journey
28. Skye Boat Song
29. By Paved Fountain
30. Etude in A min
31. Blood On The Rooftops
32. Hands of the Priestess
33. C min Triplets
34. End of Day
35. Ace Of Wands
36. Idyll
37. Aubade
38. Meditation

The second title, “Live Archive NEARfest”, is an Internet-only release continuing Hackett’s "Live Archive"“> series. Taped in New Jersey on June 30th 2002, the great show played by Steve’s electric band stretched to two hours and runs across two CDs:

CD 1:

1. The Floating Seventh
2. Mechanical Bride
3. Medley
4. Serpentine Song
5. Watcher Of The Skies
6. Hairless Heart
7. Firth Of Fifth
8. Riding The Colossus
9. Pollution
10. The Steppes
11. Gnossienne no. 1
12. Walking Away From Rainbows
13. In Memoriam
14. The Wall Of Knives
15. Vampyre With A Healthy Appetite


1. Spectral Mornings
2. Lucridus
3. Darktown
4. Camino Royale
5. Every Day
6. Horizons
7. Los Endos


Whatever you may think, he’s a bluesman, Bernie Marsden, and always has been him, even back in WHITESNAKE days. So there’s no surprise now, when the master guitarist puts out his new blues work, a double album “Big Boy Blue”, recorded with a help from faithful friends like Geraint Watkins, Henry Spinetti, Andy Pyle and Don Airey. The second disc is, surely, an extra but it gives quite an insight into the musician’s working method. Available through the guitarist’s own website.

Disc 1:

1. Burn Your Bridges
2. Working For The CSA
3. Man Or Mouse
4. Dream On
5. Downhome Blues
6. Lady Friend
7. Memphis
8. Funny People
9. Loved Another Woman
10. Pick It Up
11. Do It If You Wanna
12. Place In My Heart
13. Tone Down

Disc 2:

1. Wiggin’s Wail
2. Someday After A While
3. Dream On (session out-take) 
4. Working For The CSA (session out-takes) 
5. I’m Tore Down
6. Pick It Up (acoustic demo) 
7. Pick It Up (groove) 
8. Do It If You Wanna (alternate mix) 
9. Place In My Heart (alternate vocal mix) 
10. Funny People (alternate harmonica mix) 
11. If You Be My Baby (unreleased version) 
12. Place In My Heart (unreleased version)



July 22nd will see the release of long-touted KISS concert album, “Alive IV”, or “Kiss Symphony”, as it’s been recorded with Melbourne symphony orchestra. Another funny tricks from the old clowns, two of which get serious: Paul Stanley and Peter Criss are currently working on their own solo projects.

1. Deuce
2. Strutter
3. Let Me Go Rock & Roll
4. Lick It Up
5. Calling Dr Love
6. Psycho Circus
7. Beth
8. Forever
9. Goin’ Blind
10. Sure Know Something
11. Shandi
12. Detroit Rock City
13. King Of The Night Time World
14. Do You Love Me
15. Shout It Out Loud
16. God Of Thunder
17. Love Gun
18. Black Diamond
19. Great Expectations
20. I Was Made For Lovin’ You
21. Rock N’ Roll All Night

July 10, 2003

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