July 2, 2012


This site’s visitors – those who don’t follow DME on Facebook – might be delighted to know about two forthcoming interviews. Recently, this scribe had a blast talking to a couple of legendary musicians, both going by a name of Chris: Chris Thompson of Manfred Mann‘s EARTH BAND fame, and Chris Squire  of YES. Both have just put a new album out, Thompson released  "Berlin Live" and Squire, together with Steve Hackett, as SQUACKETT, came up with "A Life Within A Day". There were many interesting details in the conversations. Stay tuned, then.


Many don’t know it but CURVED AIR don’t reside in the history yet – or again. Having resurrected a few years ago and delivered a new album, the band lost Darryl Way since our 2008s interview but singer Sonja Kristina and drummer Florian Pilkington-Miksa still steer their ensemble through the stormy waters of this day. The best proof of this would be their fresh recording “Live Atmosphere” laid down during their 2011 tour. Nothing new here but the sound, and the selection hides some interesting choices.

1. Atmospheric Overture (intro)
2. Marie Antoinette
3. Propositions
4. Easy
5. Hide And Seek
6. Screw
7. Phantasmagoria
8. Melinda
9. Everdance
10. Back Street Luv
11. Stretch
12. It Happened Today
13. Atmospheric Overture (outro)
bonus DVD:
Atmospheric Overture & Armin – collage
Live Atmosphere Tour 2011/12 – featurette


The Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund is an organisation that fights the dragon which killed one of the great music warriors of all time, Ronnie James Dio. On October 31st, 2012, the Halloween night, they hold a gala at Hollywood’s “Avalon” where awards would be presented to those who contribute to this righteous case. Among those are Tony Iommi who’s bravely battling lymphoma right now and will be a recipient of a “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll” prise and impresario Neil Warnock who’s to grab a “Man on the Silver Mountain” gong.


While his brother changes line-ups and delivers al around the world, John Hackett  doesn’t stand still either. A flautist of highest caliber as well as a guitar player, a couple of years ago he joined forces with another Steve’s alumnus, keyboardist Nick Magnus, one more time for a short tour of Italy and their native Britain. That’s where a new CD, “Live 2010”, comes from, particularly from London and Leicester. It’s a soft collection of songs – save for three compositions by Hackett Sr. that feature guitarist Giorgio Gabriel. Not prog rock as many hope yet an excellent performance throughout.

1. Le Chat Noir
2. Freefall
3. Fantasy
4. Nippy Tune
5. Double Helix
6. Hammer In The Sand
7. Dreamtown
8. The Hallway And The Pram
9. Sophia’s Song
10. Twenty Summers
11. Jacuzzi / Overnight Sleeper
bonus studio track:
Hands Of The Priestess


Billy Sherwood isn’t the man who can dwell on one project at a time, be it with YES or any other business he’s involved with. Now, it’s THE PROG COLLECTIVE who play fusion-like instrumentals and feature many prominent musicians in the ranks, but there’s also “Songs Of The Century – An All-Star Tribute to Supertramp” which follows Sherwood’s similar takes on PINK FLOYD’s albums. The choice of a cover matter is surprising; the more interesting it would be to hear all these veterans doing pop-prog classics.

1. Breakfast In America – John Wetton, Larry Fast
2. Take The Long Way Home – John Wesley
3. The Logical Song – Mickey Thomas, Steve Morse
4. Give A Little Bit – Richard Page, Peter Banks
5. It’s Raining Again – Colin Moulding, Geoff Downes
6. Crime Of The Century – Billy Sherwood, Rick Wakeman
7. Dreamer –  Annie Haslam, David Sancious
8. Goodbye Stranger – Gary Green, Jordan Rudess
9. Rudy – Roye Albrighton, Steve Porcaro
10. Bloody Well Right – Joe Lynn Turner, Dave Kerzner
11. School – Rod Argent, Robby Krieger
12. Let the World Revolve – Chris Squire, Tony Kaye


When it comes to heavy blues a few can beat Pat Travers for an ability to feel and ignite. In this aspect, his new album, “Blues On Fire”, yields nothing new, and the same goes for material. Yet to listen to the veteran tackling the pre-war classics many know in other masters’ versions means to get deeper to the pieces origins. So forget all those Pages and Claptons: once Travers reads all the following, the competition will be out.

1. Black Dog Blues
2. Nobody’s Fault But Mine
3. Back Water Blues
4. Meat Shakin’ Woman
5. Easy Rider Blues
6. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out
7. Bulldozer Blues
8. You Can’t Get That Stuff No More
9. Dark Night Blues
10. Rock Island Blues
11. Jailhouse Blues
12. Death Letter


There was a Beeb set from THE KINKS previously but a couple of discs can’t do justice to the band’s contribution to the company’s archives. Those who complained then have all the more reasons to be complaining now as the 5 CDs and a DVD that make new collection, “At The BBC”, are exhaustive to say the least and comprise some full shows alongside assorted rarities to kill the pirates who have been releasing much of what’s in there for many years. No more, then, but the wallets will cry.

CD 1:

Saturday Club, The Playhouse Theatre, 1964 
1. Interview: Meet The Kinks
2. Cadillac
3. Interview: Ray talks about “You Really Got Me”
4. You Really Got Me
5. Little Queenie
Top Gear, The Playhouse Theatre, 1964 
6. I’m A Lover Not A Fighter
7. Interview: The Shaggy Set
8. You Really Got Me
9. All Day And All Of The Night
Saturday Club, Piccadilly Studios, 1964 
10. I’m A Lover, Not A Fighter
11. Interview: Ray talks about the USA
12. I’ve Got That Feeling
13. All Day And All Of The Night
Saturday Club, Maida Vale Studios, 1965 
14. You Shouldn’t Be Sad
15. Interview: Ray talks about records
16. Tired Of Waiting For You
17. Everybody’s Gonna Be Happy
“You Really Got…” Aeolian Hall, 1965 
18. This Strange Effect
19. Interview: Ray talks about “See My Friends”
20. See My Friends
21. Hide And Seek
Saturday Club, The Playhouse Theatre, 1965 
22. Milk Cow Blues
23. Interview: Ray talks about songwriting
24. Never Met A Girl Like You Before
25. Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight
26. Interview: Meet Pete Quaife
27. Till The End Of The Day
28. A Well-Respected Man
29. Where Have All The Good Times Gone?
Saturday Club, The Playhouse Theatre, 1967
30. Love Me Till The Sun Shines
31. Interview: Meet Dave Davies
32. Death Of A Clown
33. Good Luck Charm
34. Sunny Afternoon
Top Gear, Maida Vale Studios, 1967
35. Autumn Almanac
36. Harry Rag
37. Mr. Pleasant

CD 2:

Top Gear, Maida Vale Studios, 1967
1. Susannah’s Still Alive
2. David Watts
Top Gear, BBC Piccadilly Studios, 1968 
3. Waterloo Sunset
4. Interview: Ray talks about working
5. Days
Saturday Club, The Playhouse Theatre, 1968
6. Interview: Ray talks about solo records
7. Love Me Till The Sun Shines
8. Monica
9. Interview: Ray talks about “Village Green”
10. The Village Green Preservation Society
11. Animal Farm (alt. version)
“Where Was Spring?” The Riverside Studios, 1969
12. Where Did My Spring Go?
13. When I Turn Off The Living Room Lights
Symonds on Sunday, Aeolian Hall, 1969
14. Plastic Man (alt. version)
15. King Kong (alt. version)
16. Do You Remember Walter (alt. version)
17. Interview: Ray talks about rumours
Dave Lee Travis, Camden Theatre, 1970
18. Victoria (alt. version)
19. Mr. Churchill Says (alt. version)
Dave Lee Travis, Camden Theatre, 1970
22. Lola (alt. version)
23. Mindless Child Of Motherhood (alt. version)
24. Days (alt. version)
25. Apeman (alt. version)
John Peel Session, Kensington House, 1972
26. Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues
27. Holiday
28. Skin And Bone

CD 3:

John Peel Session, Kensington House, 1972
1. Supersonic Rocket Ship
Dave Lee Travis, 1973
2. Here Comes Yet Another Day (alt. version)
John Peel Session, Langham Studios, 1974
3. Demolition
4. Mirror Of Love
5. Money Talks
In Concert, The Hippodrome Theatre, 1974
6. DJ Alan Black Introduction
7. Victoria
8. Here Comes Yet Another Day
9. Mr. Wonderful
10. Money Talks
11. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
12. Mirror Of Love
13. Celluloid Heroes
14. You Really Got Me / All Day And All Of The Night
15. DJ Alan Black talks about “Preservation Act 2”
16. Daylight
17. Here Comes Flash
18. Demolition
19. He’s Evil
20. Lola
21. Outro

CD 4:

Christmas Concert, Rainbow Theatre, 1977
1. Alan Freeman Introduction
2. Juke Box Music
3. Bob Harris Introduction
4. Sleepwalker
5. Life On the Road
6. A Well Respected Man
7. Death Of A Clown
8. Sunny Afternoon
9. Waterloo Sunset
10. All Day And All Of The Night
11. Slum Kids
12. Celluloid Heroes
13. Get Back In The Line
14. The Hard Way
15. Lola
16. Alcohol
17. Skin And Bones / Dry Bones
18. Father Christmas
19. You Really Got Me
Johnny Walker session, Maida Vale Studios, 1994
20. Interview: Ray talks to Johnny Walker
21. Phobia
22. Interview: Ray introduces “Over The Edge”
23. Over The Edge
24. Wall Of Fire
25. Till The End Of The Day

CD 5:

Emma Freud session, Maida Vale Studios, 1994
1. All Day and All The Night
2. Waterloo Sunset
3. I’m Not Like Everybody Else
4. Till The End of the Day
5. You Really Got Me
Saturday Club, The Playhouse Theatre, 1964 
6. Louie Louie
7. Stop Your Sobbing
“You Really Got…”, Aeolian Hall, 1965
8. Milk Cow Blues
Saturday Club The Playhouse Theatre, 1965
9. Milk Cow Blues
10. I Am Free
Saturday Club The Playhouse Theatre, 1968
11. Susannah’s Still Alive
12. Days
Late Night Line-Up: Colour Me Pop BBC Televison Centre, 1968
13. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion / A Well Respected Man / Death Of A Clown
14. Sunny Afternoon (alt. version)
15. Two Sisters (alt. version)
16. Sitting By The Riverside (alt. version)
17. Lincoln County (alt. version)
18. Picture Book (alt. version)
19. Days (alt. version)



The Beat Room, BBC Television Centre, 1964
1. You Really Got Me
2. Got Love If You Want It
A Whole Scene Going On, BBC Television Centre, 1966
3. Sunny Afternoon
4. Lola (alt. version)
Top Of The Pops, 1971
5. Ape Man (alt. version)
The Old Grey Whistle Test, 1972
6. Have A Cuppa Tea
Top Of The Pops, 1983
7. Come Dancing (alt. version)
Live on Later With Jools Holland, 1993
8. Scattered
9. Over The Edge
10. Informer
11. Till The End Of The Day
Top Of The Pops, 1994
12. You Really Got Me
The Rainbow Theatre, 1972
13. Till The End Of The Day
14. Waterloo Sunset
15. Top Of The Pops
16. The Money-Go-Round – (alt. version)
17. Sunny Afternoon
18. Virgin Soldiers
19. Mr. Wonderful
20. She Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina
21. Alcohol
22. Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues
23. You Really Got Me
Live In Concert, BBC Televsion Theatre, 1973
24. Victoria
25. Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues
26. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
27. Lola
28. Holiday
29. Good Golly Miss Molly
30. You Really Got Me / All Day And All Of The Night
31. Waterloo Sunset
32. Village Green Preservation Society

The Old Grey Whistle Test, 1977 
33. You Really Got Me / All Day And All Of The Night
34. Sleepwalker
35. Life Goes On
36. Stormy Sky
37. Celluloid Heroes
38. Muswell Hillbilles
39. Full Moon
40. Life On The Road
41. Juke Box Music
Christmas Concert, Rainbow Theatre, 1977
42. Juke Box Music
43. Sleepwalker
44. Life On the Road
45. A Well Respected Man
46. Death Of A Clown
47. Sunny Afternoon
48. Waterloo Sunset
49. All Day And All Of The Night
50. Slum Kids
51. Celluloid Heroes
52. Get Back In The Line
53. The Hard Way
54. Lola
55. Alcohol
56. Skin And Bones / Dry Bones
57. Father Christmas
58. You Really Got Me
The Alan Price Show, 1968
59. Interview: Dave and Ray Davies

July 2, 2012

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