July 24, 2003


After a year-worth work – and, be assured, a lot of effort –Tony Franklin is ready to push the “release” button for his second solo album, a successor to 2000’s  "Brave New Tomorrow". It’s called “Wonderland” and, to be true to its Carroll-ish title, the record’s cover features an animated Tony as a bass-wielding Mad Hatter. This will be out in Japan on August 21st, with other territories to follow approximately at the same time that Franklin, John Sykes and Carmine Appice will tour as BLUE MURDER.


It’s been almost a year now since the first-ever URIAH HEEP official biography saw the light of day, and here’s a new HEEP-related book in the pipeline. Entitled “Born To Perform”, the tome which due out in early October, is dedicated to the sorely-missed David Byron, the band’s original singer who died in 1985 not having soared as high as he could. Long-time Byron aficionado Jeff Perkins talked to many of those who knew David and worked with him, including Ken HensleyJohn Lawton, John WettonClem Clempson and Rabbit, that’s why the book’s filled with personal letters, documents and many previously unseen photographs. “Born To Perform” is available for pre-order here.


Last year heralded return of mighty THE NICE featuring original members Keith Emerson, Brian Davidson and Lee Jackson, plus phenomenal Dave Kilminster on guitar. Those who visited their unique shows though are a small bunch compared to those who couldn’t make it to the gigs. Still, there’s an opportunity to have a bite of experience with the fresh album called “Vivacitas: Live At Glasgow 2002”, a three-CD set that has the band’s classic pieces on the first disc, the ELP material (sure, Emerson wouldn’t have leave alive without this) on the second, and a chat with a well-known rock scribe Chris Welch on the third.

Disc 1:

1. America
2. Little Arabella
3. She Belongs To Me
4. The Cry Of Eugene
5. Hang Onto A Dream
6. Country Pie
7. Karelia Suite

Disc 2:

1. Blade Of Grass
2. A Cajun Ally
3. Tarkus
4. Hoedown
5. Fanfare For The Common Man
6. Honky Tonk Train Blues

Disc 3:

Interview with Chris Welch


Paul Di’Anno may have not had a high-profile career after his original position as the IRON MAIDEN frontman, yet he’s a solid following all around the world. So many people will undoubtedly enjoy the singer’s first DVD release, “The Beast In The East”, the East this time being not Japan but Krakow, Poland. The brilliant performance saw Paul do a cream of his solo crop, while the main part is MAIDEN classics. There’s an extra material as well: bonus video material from Warsaw concert and from Norway, interview with Di’Anno, previously unreleased audio tracks, biography, fullest discography and photo archive. Quite a must.

1. Transylvania
2. Wrathchild
3. Marshall Lockjaw
4. The Beast Arises
5. Murders In The Rue Morgue
6. Faith Healer
7. Killers
8. Dream Keeper
9. Remember Tomorrow
10. Impaler
11. Phantom Of The Opera
12. Genghis Khan
13. Running Free
Bonus video:
Bootlegged in Poland

1. Marshall Lockjaw
2. The Beast Arises
3. Murders In The Rue Morgue
4. Killers
5. Remember Tomorrow
Bootlegged in Norway:
1. Transilvania
2. Wrathchild
3. The Beast Arises
4. Sanctuary
5. Phantom Of The Opera
6. Running Free
7. Iron Maiden


This autumn will meet the wry look of “The Eyes Of Alice Cooper, a new album from an artist formerly known as Vincent Furnier. About time to remember the time when the singer with the band ALICE COOPER was called so, as the forthcoming recored signals a glorious return to the days when the songs were being recorded mostly live, with minimum overdubs, and also because it’s a very Detroit, Alice’s hometown, sounding album, with none other than MC5’s Wayne Kramer providing a guitar noise for the opening cut. Cooper’s old producer Bob Ezrin makes a cameo appearance as well.

1. Detroit City
2. What Do You Want From Me?
3. Love Should Never Feel Like This
4. Spirits Rebellious
5. Novocain
6. Man Of The Year
7. Bye Bye Baby
8. Be With You Awhile
9. I’m So Angry
10. Between High School And The Old School
11. This House Is Haunted
12. Backyard Brawl
13. The Song That Didn’t Rhyme


They were heavy, not only musically but also physically, that’s why they were called MAMMOTH. The band which roamed the Earth in 1986-1989 featured two biggies in its ranks, former SAMSON singer Nicky Moore and bassist John McCoy, mostly known for the foundation he provided for GILLAN. The trio, rounded off with guitarist Kenny Cox released their self-titled album in 1988 and broke up, so now there’s a chance to hear not only the demos for the second LP which were available before: on“Larger And Live, there are some live cuts recorded in November 1987 to boot. Among the guest players is McCoy’s former GILLAN colleague, Bernie Torme.

1. Thirty Pieces Of Silver
2. Can’t Take The Hurt
3. Fatman
4. Always And Forever
5. Home From The Storm
6. Bet You Wish
7. White Mammoth
8. Fatman
9. Dressed To Kill
10. All The Days
11. Can’t Take The Hurt
12. Always And Forever
13. Do What You Want To
14. Working For The Man
15. Catcher In The Rye
16. Monster Mania
17. Hope You Find It

July 24, 2003

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