July 25, 2001


As it was reported before, Mick Jagger is deep in the work on his fourth solo album that will feature some heavy friends, such as Pete Townshend, Rob Thomas of Santana’s “Smooth” fame and Lenny Kravitz. Still no news of The Lips duetting with Britney Spears, but there’s another star, who added his voice to Jagger’s a couple of days ago, That’s none other than U2’s Bono.

The album, with no title yet, is expected to be out by the end of 2001. That means, “Bridges To Babylon” successor will be delayed on to 2003.


UB40 have reached the drinking age of 21! To celebrate the achievment, the band arrange a very special concert in their native Birmingham’s NEC on September 13th. All the profits from the event are to be donated to AIDS Research – to projects operated by the UNDP in Bostwana, the country with the highest rate of HIV cases in the world, and to local Midlands AIDS charity.

One-off show will see an array of famous guests including footballer Ronaldo, Chrissie Hynde, Sly & Robbie, John Holt and many others.


There are many things going on currently in the largest cyberauction eBay, yet AOR beasts MELODICA came up with a very clever idea of taking the bids for a private concert. It’s here and looks as being suspended now with a starting bid of 1 million dollars.

Who’s next? Macca? That will feed the auction well!


MEGADETH appeared to be banned from performing in Malaysia. The region seems not be kind to rock’n’roll – in Sixties, THE BEATLES had problems with the Philippines, DEEP PURPLE had a narrow escape from Indonesia in Seventies, now there’s a new century but problems linger on.

Dave Mustaine’s combo were to play at the Kuala Lumpur’s Warp Club on August 2nd, but the government cancelled the concert, saying that the band’s imagery, specifically their skeleton mascot Vic Rattlehead, is unsuitable for the youth of Malaysia. The authorities refused to grant work permits to the band and crew. In the case of rebellion and performing, MEGADETH would be arrested and their own personal safety could not be guaranteed. Moreover, the band’s records are being confiscated now off the shops, and Sanctuary Records has been prohibited from shipping copies of the last album, “The World Needs A Hero”, into Malaysia.

July 25, 2001

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