July 31, 2003


Having finished 2002’s  "Sharks"“>, British heavyweights U.F.O. found themselves at the crossroads not being sure if Michael Schenker was going to stay in the band any longer. Singer Phil Mogg‘s hopes for some festivals proved vain, but now there’s a real reinforcement in the camp, with a new members joining the ensemble to play alongside Mogg and his bass-brandishing sparring partner Pete Way.

Well, one of the newcomers isn’t actually new: keyboard player and guitarist Paul Raymond bolstered the U.F.O. sound back in the ’80s, yet there’s no questioning the skills of those who make it onboard for the first time. Vinnie Moore is famous enough for both his solo work and stint with TEN, while the name of drummer Jason Bonham speaks for itself – the one good enough to take over his late father’s stool in LED ZEPPELIN on several occasions won’t let the Object down.


When many a famous musician has extracurricilum activities, WISHBONE ASH leader Andy Powell might seem a black sheep, yet he flies other colors. Blue, because originally the guitarist played a brass-splashed rhythm-and-blues, traces of which are obvious on WISHBONE’s “No Easy Road”. That’s why some years ago Powell became a part of American band BLUE LAW, who have their mojo workin’ the similar way.

BLUE LAW songs have appeared on the soundtracks of many films and in MTV’s reality show “The Real World”, so there’s a certain interest in their music, as proved by a bootleg from 1996’s English date doing rounds. Until now, that is, when the band had remastered and repackaged the recording and made it available as a 2CD-set featuring both classics and originals. Something up for grabs, sure: send your inquiries to MuchoMojoMusic@aol.com.

Disc one:

1. Five O’clock Whistle
2. Shade Tree Mechanic
3. Teeny Weenie Bit
4. House Of Cards
5. Hey Miss Bessie
6. Bicycle Man
7. Got My Mojo Workin’

Disc two:

1. One Too Many Times
2. Expressway To Your Heart
3. For Cryin’ Out Loud
4. Woke Up This Mornin’
5. I’m Too Tired
6. Messin’ With The Kid
7. Joyride
8. Body Talk

9. One More Mile
10. Gonna Getcha
11. Peggy Sue
12. I Don’t Know
13. Flip, Flop, Fly
14. Meet Me With Your
Black Drawers On
15. Go Easy On Me, Baby


This year see another round of interest in the music of Jack Bruce but, what with his old albums re-issued and CREAM’s BBC recordings put out, the veteran’s active as ever, playing and recording. August 5th is the release date for Jack’s new album “More Jack Than God”. A follow-up to 2001’s acclaimed “Shadows In The Air”, it also has some well-known gems from Bruce’s back catalogue cut afresh, and this time it seems to be back to blues…

1. So They Invented Race
2. Follow The Flame
3. Kelly’s Blues
4. We’re Going Wrong
5. Bizniz
6. Progress
7. I Feel Free
8. Ricin
9. Night They Were Mine
10. Milonga II
11. Cold Island
12. Written In Blues On Her Skin
13. Politician
14. Lost In The City


It’s a muted issue which of THE YARDBIRDS‘ line-ups was the best – with Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck or Jimmy Page, yet there’s never been an argument whether “Five Live Yardbirds” was a band’s definitive concert document. Now, comes a real contender, the one which never made it even unto bootleg. “Live Blueswailing!” was recorded on July 25th, 1964 at St. George’s Hall before that classic set and features unrecorded originals “Sky Is Crying” and “Someone To Love”. If Keith, Eric and their friends were in brilliant form then, this album must be indispensable.

1. Someone To Love
2. Too Much Monkey Business
3. I Got Love If You Want It
4. Smokestack Lightnin’
5. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
6. She Is So Respectable
7. The Sky Is Crying


There’s nothing better than a good music for a good cause, and the Swedish band SPEARFISH are aware of it alright, to delve headlong into a charity project that see them recording a set of classic tunes. Out on October 31st, the album’s called “Back For The Future”, with the profits to be given to the Childrens Cancer Foundation. In order to draw attention to the proceedings, the Swedes invited some luminaries to help out, including guitarists Mick Box of URIAH HEEP and Robin George famous for his work with Phil Lynott and David Byron, and singers Paul DiAnno, Dave Hill (DEMON), Nicky Moore (ex-SAMSON) and John Nitzinger (ex-Alice Cooper). While there are still things to be done, the tracks will be the following, the original performers indicated as well:

1. Mercury Blues (David Lindley)
2. Justice In Ontario (Steve Earle)
3. The Shining (Jon English)
4. Stayin Alive (BEE GEES)
5. In The Ghetto (Elvis Presley)
6. Gone Shootin’ (AC/DC)
7. What You’re Doing (RUSH)
8. Fools Gold (THIN LIZZY)
10. Midnight Moses (Alex Harvey)
11. Maybe I’m Amazed (Paul McCartney)
12. The Stealer (FREE)


Having released their solo albums each, Glenn Hughes‘ being “Songs In The Key Of Rock” and Joe Lynn Turner’s “JLT”, the Purple family wayward offsprings are ready to give the people the second outing by HUGHES-TURNER PROJECT. In the wake of last year’s “HTP” and the ensuing tour success, the future of “HTP II” looks bright, with music hardly innovative but definitely pleasant.

1. Revelation
2. Alone I Breathe
3. Losing My Head (feat. Steve Vai and Chad Smith)
4. Going My Way
5. Lost Dreams
6. Time And Time Again
7. Goodbye Friday
8. Burning The Sky (feat. Jeff Kollman)
9. Keep On Shining (Japan bonus feat. Jeff Kollman)
10. Sofia
11. Let’s Talk About It Later


There have been several Phil Lynott-related releases over the last two years, and here’s one more, due out on September 15th. Called “Twilight Was Gleaming: Last Of Grand Slam”, most of the album tracks come from Phil’s GRAND SLAM outfit’s Marquee concert of December 4th, 1984. The limited edition will be issued with a bonus CD:

Disc 1:

1. Yellow Pearl
2. Nineteen
3. Sisters Of Mercy
4. Harlem
5. Breakdown
6. Here We Go
7. Cold Sweat
8. Gay Boys
9. Can’t Get Away
10. Dedication
11. Parisienne Walkways
12. Military Man

Disc 2:

1. Nineteen (alt. version)
2. Crime Rate (alt. version)
3. Military Man (alt. version)


The tracklisting for the MR. BIG’s ”Influences And Connections. Volume One” that the band draw a curtain on their career with, has been finalized. Comprising the group’s own classics and the songs the ensemble love, the album features an array of famous guests alongside MR. BIG members, and should be out on August 6th. The initial pressing will come with a DVD on making the record.


1. Mr. Big
(Paul Rodgers, Billy Sheehan, Pat Torpey, Richie Kotzen)
2. Take Cover
(Doug Pinnick, Chuck Wright, Pat Torpey, Lanny Cordola, Ty Tabor)
3. Colorado Bulldog
(Joe Lynn Turner, Chuck Wright, Pat Torpey, Lanny Cordola, Marty Friedman)
4. Wild World
(John Waite, Chuck Wright, Pat Torpey, Lanny Cordola, Richie Kotzen)
5. Price You Gotta Pay
(Glenn Hughes, Chuck Wright, Pat Torpey, Lanny Cordola, Steve Lukather)
6. Promise Her The Moon
(Ann Wilson, Chuck Wright, Pat Torpey, Lanny Cordola)
7. Addicted To That Rush
(Billy Sheehan, Chuck Wright, Pat Torpey, Richie Kotzen)
8. Just Take My Heart
(Mickey Thomas, Chuck Wright, Pat Torpey, Lanny Cordola, Gene Black)
9. Shine
(Brett Damrose, Keanu Reeves, Pat Torpey, Lanny Cordola, Stevie Salas)
10. Crawl Over Me
(Pat Torpey, Chuck Wright, Matt Sorum, Lanny Cordola)
11. To Be With You
(Richie Kotzen, Chuck Wright, Pat Torpey, Lanny Cordola, Gene Black, Stevie Salas)
12. Green Tinted Sixties Mind
(Donnie Vie, Chuck Wright, Pat Torpey, Lanny Cordola, Gene Black)
13. Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy
(Joe Lynn Turner, Tim Bogart, Pat Torpey, Lanny Cordola, Yngwie Malmsteen) 

July 31, 2003

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