June 10, 2004


If there is a band that always have some rumours circulating about them, that’s surely THE BEATLES. Nothing wrong with it, yet when it goes to the Fabs, the information more often than not proves to be wrong, or at least hugely misinterpreted. This time, though, news seems to be a bit closer to reality: major sources say, the Merseyside’s finest’s music could soon be available for Internet download – legally. The negotiations about distribution are being held with such technology giants as Microsoft and RealNetworks.

Not that it’s a bold step, with QUEEN and THE ROLLING STONES already taken it – the former, like THE BEATLES, being under contract to EMI – but the point which shouldn’t be missed is that only few of The Fabs’ songs have been digitally remastered, for “The Yellow Submarine Songtrack”, so in this case digital download feels a tad hilarious. Still, back to the rumours field, there’s a talk of possible remasters coming out in the relatively near future, with no official word neither on them, nor on the “Let It Be” DVD said to be near completion as well.

What can we expect this year, then? It’s unlikely Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney, who’s currently on tour, will have enough time for their next albums. And Olivia Harrison and Barbara Orbison won’t finish work on the TRAVELING WILBURYS’ re-issues. So… Maybe Yoko Ono will remember that 2004 marks a 30th anniversary of John Lennon’s brilliant “Walls And Bridges”and release it. Don’t hold your breath, that’s the punchline.


For some people, divertion is a sin, and they’re always feel much more comfortable in good old environment. One of those folks is Gary Moore: the Irish grinder has just put out a new album called unequivocally “Power Of The Blues”. In fact, there’s nothing new, even the members of the guitarist’s trio played with him before – Darrin Mooney on Moore’s lastest studio and live outings, respectively “Scars” and “Live At Monsters Of Rock”, and bassist Bob Daisley, very active recently with the LIVING LOUD project, on some classical albums of Gary’s. Even the producer duties Moore shared with old friend Chris Tsangarides, at hand since the THIN LIZZY days. And then, the music which includes two Willie Dixon’s classics and one by Percy Mayfield. No surprises, really – that’s why an aural satisfaction guaranteed. Yet the artwork department seems to have gone too far back…

1. Power Of The Blues
2. There’s A Hole
3. Tell Me Woman
4. I Can’t Quit You Baby
5. That’s Why I Play The Blues
6. Evil
7. Getaway Blues
8. Memory Pain
9. Can’t Find My Baby
10. Torn Inside


The URIAH HEEP second re-issue programme, the “deluxe edition” one, has reached the John Lawton era, and the next two albums up for release are 1977’s “Firefly” and “Innocent Victim”. Both are augmented with a sprinkling of bonus tracks of dubious interest even for the Heepsters who have the most of them – and the fans must be warned about the possible change in these additional cuts: it’s reported there’s no song called “Zorro” that was marked to appear on the “Return To Fantasy” latest edition. Here’s what’s promised for the new editions:

– Crime Of Passion (B-side)
– Do You Know (demo)
– A Far Better Way (out-take)
– The Hanging Tree (demo)
– Who Needs Me (live)
– Dance Dance Dance (previously unreleased)
– Put Your Music Where Your Mouth Is (previously unreleased)
– Been Away Too Long (alternate version)

“Innocent Victim”
Illusion – Masquerade (full version)
The River (out-take)
Free ‘N’ Easy (live)
The Dance (extended version)


Of all places, for FLEETWOOD MAC Boston has a special meaning since Peter Green’s band rocked the Tea Party back in 1970. Some don’t know, though, what a hell of blues combo that ensemble was, and associate it only with sweet voice monster which gave the world “Rumours”. And the artists themselves do nothing to remind the fans of the glorious start. More so, now the old Tea Party tapes are to be obershadowed by a new 2DVD / CD set “Live In Boston”, out on June 15th. Recorded for the PBS Television series “Soundstage”, the material included features many of the ’70s hits as well as songs from the MAC’s 2003’s “Say You Will”. But there’s a serious doubt all this have even the half of the old three-guitar beast fiery energy.

Disc 1:

1. The Chain
2. Dreams
3. Eyes Of The World
4. Peacekeeper
5. Second Hand News
6. Say You Will
7. Never Going Back Again
8. Rhiannon
9. Come
10. Gypsy
11. Big Love
12. Landslide

Disc 2:

13. Say Goodbye
14. What’s The World Coming To
15. Beautiful Child
16. Gold Dust Woman
17. I’m So Afraid
18. Silver Springs
19. Tusk
20. Stand Back
21. Go Your Own Way
22. World Turning
23. Don’t Stop
24. Goodbye Baby


1. Eyes Of The World
2. Dreams
3. Rhiannon
4. Come
5. Big Love
6. Landslide
7. Silver Springs
8. I’m So Afraid
9. Stand Back
10. Go Your Own Way

In the meantime, Christine McVie who opted out of FLEETWOOD MAC’s last album and tour, release a new record, her first in twenty years. It’s called, well, “In The Meantime” and will hit the shelves on June 21st.

1. Anything Is Possible
2. You Are
3. Northern Star
4. Bad Journey
5. Friend
6. Calumny
7. So Sincere
8. Easy Come, Easy Go
9. Liar
10. Sweet Revenge
11. Forgiveness
12. Givin’ It Back


River Records seem to break away from their rule of releasing live recordings of Scottish artists only and expand their activities to those whose concerts were housed by the Scottish venues. All the albums will be called The River Sessions” anyway.

One of the artists who played Glasgow Apollo is URIAH HEEP, and their 1985 stage set looked like this:

1. Shout It Out
2. Stealin’
3. The Other Side Of Midnight
4. Too Scared To Run
5. Angel
6. July Morning
7. Bad Blood
8. Easy Livin
9. That’s The Way That It Is

Then, there were mighty GILLAN – their ranks boasted one Scott indeed, John McCoy. To be relased in the USA only, the CD’s tracklisting suggests the show was recorded in 1982, just before the band broke up:

1. What’s The Matter
2. Bluesy Blue Sea
3. Black Night
4. Trouble
5. Born To Kill
6. Mutually Assured Destruction
7. Hadeley Bop Pop
8. No Laughing In Heaven
9. Smoke On The Water

And here, at last, the genuine Caledonian item, the one and only Maggie Bell. What year that could is anyone’s guess, as the lady came up on stage that night with a curious selection including Alice Cooper’s “Only Women Bleed” and NAZARETH’s “No Mean City”, the latter giving a hint the show couldn’t be committed to tape before 1978:

1. Blue Suede Shoes
2. Try A Little Tenderness
3. As The Years Go Passing By
4. Only Women Bleed
5. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City
6. Good Women Good Men
7. Trade Winds
8. No Mean City
9. Every Little Bit Hurts
10. The Way I Feel


In the last two years, Brian Wilson‘s profile looms large. Not larger than the legend of THE BEACH BOYS’ elusive mastermind, but… Having performed live, in their entirety, two greatest albums, “Pet Sounds” and “Smile”, and getting ready to finally release the latter’s studio version that he and Van Dyke Parks finally completed, Wilson didn’t forget about new music and, riding on the crest of a wave, has a new record to offer. “Gettin’ In Over My Head” features some very heavy friends, among them Paul McCartney, the only musician able to rival Brian for melodicism, Parks, who co-wrote “The Waltz”, and the late young brother Carl whose lead vocal was used for “Soul Searchin'”. Quite nice.

1. How Could We Still Be Dancin’ (with Elton John)
2. Soul Searchin’ (with Carl Wilson)
3. You’ve Touched Me
4. Gettin’ In Over My Head
5. City Blues (with Eric Clapton)
6. Desert Drive
7. A Friend Like You (with Paul McCartney)
8. Make A Wish
9. Rainbow Eyes
10. Saturday Morning In The City
11. Fairy Tale
12. Don’t Let Her Know She’s An Angel
13. The Waltz


More and more, the Steve Hackett “Live Archive” series grows and grows and, with a concert set in perpetual motion, there’s a real urge to have another title. And another title is “Live Archive 04” recorded on April 3rd in Budapest. Unlike the guitarist’s previous show“> in the city, a new set is a full-band endeavour featuring takes on some more GENESIS’ classics. There’ll be a DVD of this, too, but late in the year, while the CD’s out on June 28th.


1. Intro
2. Valley Of The Kings
3. Mechanical Bride
4. Circus Of Becoming
5. Frozen Statues
6. Slogans
7. Serpentine Song
8. Ace Of Wands
9. Hammer In The Sand
10. Blood On The Rooftops
11. Fly On A Windshield
12. Please Don’t Touch
13. Firth Of Fifth

CD 2:

14. If You Can’t Find Heaven
15. Darktown
16. Brand New
17. Air-Conditioned Nightmare
18. Every Day
19. Clocks
20. Spectral Mornings
21. Los Endos

June 10, 2004

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