June 12, 2002


Frontiers Records and Now & Then Productions have some curious news to share.

With MR. BIG having grind to a halt, the band’s singer Eric Martin joins the Frontiers’ roster for more than one album, but the one that kickstarts the deal is “I’m Goin’ Sane” – recently out in Japan, it will be released in Europe this August and feature two exclusive tracks, original called “Only A Moment Away” and THE CARS’ cover “Just What I Needed” instead of “Fly” and “Carnival Of Souls”.

Another singer of the same stable is Jeff Scott Soto who’s been teasing fans for a long time and is continuing that now, having changed his forthcoming album’s title to“Prism”. With the street date still not announced, whether we’ll hear “I Want To Take You Higher”, Jeff’s duet with Glenn Hughes, by the end of 2002 is questionable. Meanwhile, videos for songs “Holdin’ On” and “Eyes Of Love” are to be shot soon, and one of them will make it to an EP, to be out before the full album. Another bonus will be Soto’s “Love Parade” album available at budget price.


Next week, on her birthday, Queen Elizabeth of England will be awarding the most worthy persons with a knighthood. One of those beautiful people turns out to be Mick Jagger. In the ’60s the public enemy of the first degree, now THE ROLLING STONES primadonna was nominated by Prime Minister Tony Blair. If that’s a joke, the intent’s good anyway. Who’s next? Pete Townshend, anyone?


THE BEATLES have one of their tunes covered every now and then but rarely by a big name nowadays. Rarely doesn’t mean never, and there’s two more. First comes from Joan Jett, who has recorded “The Word” as a bonus for a compilation CD benefitting breast cancer charities. Titled “It’s About Eve (Music For The Cure)”, it features songs by female indie artists. The second one is “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” which will make it unto the first Peter Frampton‘s album in nine years, to be out shortly. More of those!

June 12, 2002

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