June 13, 2012


To name those who pedal steel master BJ Cole played with means snatching a heavy bulk of classic Brit rock discography. The more surprising is the fact that the veteran doesn’t ventured out so much in terms of solo career; on the other hand, he can’t have very much time for this. Yet back in 1989, Brian fashioned a little ambient masterpiece, “Transparent Music”, which could have been the second album under his individual belt if it wasn’t a collaboration with Guy Jackson. Now, the two are coming up with its follow-up, “Transparent Music Two”, with a help from their friends including another veteran, bassist Mo Foster. Scheduled for August release, now it’s availablle here, on PledgeMusic.com where, it’s also possible to hear excerpts from the album and pledge for lots of related goodies such as downloads, signed CDs, a “TM” loaded iPod shuffle including previously unreleased tracks and outtakes, exclusive playbacks of the album in 5.1 surround sound and even a house concert in your living room. An offer one can’t resist.


Turning down a LED ZEPPELIN reunion tour is no mean feat yet Robert Plant is an artist who remember this word comes from “art”, and what he’s doing now is much more interesting than recycling what was once stopped for good. That’s why Percy was a prime choice for the music television series “Artists Den”, and it’s thence that his and his BAND OF JOY’s new DVD comes from, titled simply “Live From The Artists Den”. Relying heavily on the Golden God’s latest album, it still includes some of his old group’s classics – woven in the context.

1. Black Dog
2. Angel Dance
3. Houses Of The Holy
4. House Of Cards
5. Cindy, I’ll Marry You Someday
6. Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
7. Somewhere Trouble Don’t Go
8. Tangerine
9. A Satisfied Mind
10. Move Up
11. Down To The Sea
12. Ramble On
13. Gallows Pole
14. In The Mood
15. Rock And Roll
16. I Bid You Goodnight


Erik Norlander is a keyboard wiz in a prog vein with heavy leanings, and his solo career has many followers as does master’s work with his wife, Lana Lane. But there wasn’t many of those who had a chance to glimpse “The Galactic Collective”, an array of new takes on Erik’s faves which he laid down in 2009 before taking the project on tour. Now both parts of it, the studio and live ones, are out as “Definitive Edition” comprising two sets of DVD/2CD. The first catches recording sessions abd interviews where Norlander discusses each song, its conception and new interpretation, while the second is a document of 2011 concert at The Rites of Spring Festival in Gettysburg. And yes, Lana’s present on both parts of it.

June 13, 2012

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