June 18, 2009


From PINK FLOYD to Nick Drake and far out, the British rock scene would have been drastically different if Joe Boyd hadn’t come over there from the US to become one of the most influential producers of all time. His recent book “White Bicycles – Making Music in the 1960s” is the essential read for everyone but, having finished the autobiography, Boyd’s not resting on the laurels. The dust hasn’t settle down yet from the Drake tribute show but Joe already has something new up his rolled up sleeve.

There’ll be “Witchseason Weekend” at London’s Barbican on July 18th and 19th. The first night is planned to gather the early line-ups of FAIRPORT CONVENTION – yes, with Ian Matthews and Judy Dyble alongside Richard Thompson, Ashley Hutchings, Dave Swarbrick and, of course, Simon Nicol, Dave Mattacks and Dave Pegg. More so, joining the veterans will be Chris and Kellie While, the former doing a great Sandy Denny impression, Martin Carthy, Teddy and Kamila Thompson, plus Linde Nijland. The second gathering will see Mike Heron and Clive Palmer presiding over the tribute to their mindchild, THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND, with not a little help from the Thompson clan, the marvellous DR. STRANGELY STRANGE, Robyn Hitchock, Alastair Roberts, TREMBLING BELLS and some still unannounced guests. Wish everybody were there…


“Come to the sabbat – Satan’s there”: these words pitch a hole in many a heavy music lover, although Leicester’s own BLACK WIDOW weren’t so about metal as about progressive strains, but then, there was that image… Formed in 1969 from the ashes of PESKY GEE, the band found some great notoriety yet didn’t hit as big as BLACK SABBATH they often were heaped in with and broke up in 1972 with their fourth album canned and shelved. Released since then, it saw the rise in the ensemble’s status, and now the time came for the reunion and another record, “Sleeping With Demons” being laid down now with the WIDOW’s original femme fatale Kay Garret on vocals. More so, some vocals will be added by none other than the former SABBATH belter Tony Martin and, quite possibly, the album will feature Martin’s old compadre Mario Parga on guitar.

Tony will record his parts once back from the July-August tour of the US with his band re-christened HEADLESS CROSS as the singer’s up for celebrating the 20th anniversary of BLACK SABBATH’s “Headless Cross” album by performing it in its entirety, including songs never played live before. Sure, there’ll be more material dusted off including some from “The Eternal Idol”. Martin band features his SABBATH colleague Geoff Nichols on keyboards and guitarist  Rolf Munkes whose EMPIRE’s Trading Souls  had Martin on vocals.


Putting out a box set in the times of credit crunch might get on the nerves on any music fan, but the UFO aficionados’ burden feels especially heavy as the MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP 4CD+DVD live collection mentioned on this page below is to be followed on July 6th by “The Official Bootleg Box Set” from the band the guitarist found fame with. There’ll be six discs, all audio, with the dates of some of the shows represented therein not given yet. Still, at least half of these comes from the classic era which makes it quite a desirable flying object.

Disc 1
Live at Record Plant, NYC

1. Intro
2. Let It Roll
3. Doctor Doctor
4. Oh My
5. Built For Comfort
6. Out In The Street
7. Space Child
8. Mother Mary
9. All Or Nothing
10. This Kid’s
11. Shoot Shoot
12. Rock Bottom

Disc 2
Live at The Roundhouse, London 25.4.1976

1. Can You Roll Her
2. Doctor Doctor
3. Oh My
4. Out In The Street
5. Highway Lady
6. I’m A Loser
7. Let It Roll
8. This Kid’s
9. Shoot Shoot
10. Rock Bottom
11. C’mon Everybody
12. Boogie For George

Disc 3
Live at The Roundhouse, London 2.4.1977

1. Lights Out
2. Gettin’ Ready
3. Love To Love
4. On With The Action
5. Doctor Doctor
6. Try Me
7. Too Hot To Handle
8. Out In The Street
9. This Kid’s
10. Shoot Shoot
11. Rock Bottom
12. Let It Roll
13. C’mon Everybody

Disc 4
Live in Cleveland, Ohio

1. Hot And Ready
2. Pack It Up (And Go)
3. Cherry
4. Let It Roll
5. Love To Love
6. Natural Thing
7. Out In The Street
8. Only You Can Rock Me
9. On With The Action
10. Doctor Doctor
11. I’m A Loser
12. Lights Out
13. Rock Bottom

Disc 5
Live in Hammersmith

1. Chains Chains
2. Long Gone
3. Cherry
4. Only You Can Rock Me
5. No Place To Run
6. Love To Love
7. Makin’ Moves
8. Mystery Train
9. Lights Out

Disc 6
Live in Hammersmith, BBC In Concert

1. We Belong To The Night
2. Let It Rain
3. Long Gone
4. The Wild, Willing And Innocent
5. Only You Can Rock Me
6. No Place To Run
7. Love To Love
8. Doing It All For You
9. Makin’ Moves
10. Too Hot To Handle
11. Mystery Train

June 18, 2009

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