June 25, 2001


One of the last blues survivors, John Lee Hooker died in his sleep on June 21st at the age of 83. Hooker passed away just five days after his performance at Santa Rosa, California. It seems now only Bo Diddley remains the keeper of the blues flame.

Since John’s first major success with “Boogie Chillen” in 1948, he had a major impact both on blues and rock’n’roll, his “Boom Boom” and “Crawlin’ King Snake” becoming staple in the sets of THE YARDBIRDS, THE DOORS and THE ANIMALS likes. A “Grammy” award for the 1989’s “The Healer”, which saw a collaboration with Carlos Santana, Bonnie Raitt, George Thorogood and Robert Cray, only underscored Hooker’s brilliant career. May God rest his bluesy soul.


For many years DEEP PURPLE’s “Last Concert In Japan” remained the most underrated product from the band, as during the December 1975’s shows Tommy Bolin’s state was not the best, and, while mixing, the emphasis was made on Jon Lord’s playing with more than a half of the set edited out. Now, the time has come to do album the justice, and after a couple of years of negotiations with The Bolin Estate, Purple Records slate the new version for September release.

The double-CD set is called “This Time Around”, it’s remixed now, expanded to present the entire concert and augmented with detailed notes and rare pictures from the tour. Also there will be a special limited edition available only via mail-order, that will come in a slipcase with a reproduction of the concert ticket, handbill and other goodies.

The complete show to be released looks like this:

Disc 1

1. Burn
2. Lady Luck
3. Love Child
4. Gettin’ Tighter
5. Smoke On The Water
6. Wild Dogs

Disc 2

1. I Need Love
2. Soldier Of Fortune
3. Jon Lord solo
4. Lazy / drum solo
5. This Time Around
6. Owed To G
7. Tommy Bolin guitar solo
8. Drifter
9. You Keep On Moving
10. Stormbringer
11. (encore) Highway Star


Bernie Torme has now some goodies worthy of attention to be paid.

At the moment, a new live album is in the final stages, which will be out in a couple of months. The set is compiled from performances of the last two and a half years. As there’s no title as of yet, Bernie’s Retrowrek Records request fans to come up with it and ask to e-mail atretrowrek@ndirect.co.uk with “Live!” as subject. There should be one e-mail per sender, but with as many suggestions. The prize is a free copy of the album and a credit on it.

Of not less interest is the SILVER project album, featuring Mr Torme on guitar, Gary Barden of MSG fame on vocals, Don Airey on keyboards, Michael Voss on bass and Marco Minneman on drums. The album is released on Pointmusic in Germany.

June 25, 2001

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