June 4, 2003


Pete Brown, most famous as the CREAM lyricist and one hell of an artist himself, looks forward to writing, with journalist Harry Shapiro, an autobiography, tentatively titled “Living Life Backwards”. The book will held many revelations on Pete’s 40-odd year long career and his fruitful collaboration with Jack Bruce.

Moreover, while many still savour albums Brown recorded with THE BATTERED ORNAMENTS and PIBLOKTO!, there’s Pete’s live album in the pipeline, featuring among others Clem Clempson and Zoot Money.


Another legend has gone to the other spheres. Mickie Most, one of the British invasion beacons died of cancer on May 30th, aged 64. A posessor of controversial personality that led to ugly stories, like shooting down Terry Reid career in the early ’70s, Most’s professional skills are embedded in many a groove by THE ANIMALS and THE YARDBIRDS, Donovan and Jeff Beck and many more, reaching even to more hard stuff like SWEET and HEAVY METAL KIDS. He’s done the most he could and will be much missed.


The most infamous of prog dinosaurs, YES aren’t the band whose tracks are up for remixing. Still, the guitarist Steve Howe’s son Virgil, aka The Verge, took a challenge and came up with stunning results that are out on July 8th as “Yes Remixes”. It takes listening to say positive on negative, yes or no.

1. Tempus Fugit
2. Arriving UFO
3. Heart of the Sunrise
4. Starship Trooper
5. Awaken
6. Sound Chaser
7. Ritual
8. Siberian Khatru
9. 5 Per Cent for Nothing
10. No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed
11. No Clowns

As for the next bunch of the YES remasters, “Close To The Edge”, “Tales From Topographic Oceans”, “Relayer” and “Going For The One”, augmented with bonus tracks, have been pushed back for the autumn release, and the live box set project to next year.


Martin Barre, the guitarist with JETHRO TULL, has a new solo album, his third, almost ready. Entitled “Stage Left”, according to Martin’s live position beside Ian Anderson, holds thirteen tracks, all bar one instrumental, and features usual eclectic yet tasteful blend of blues, jazz and rock.

June 4, 2003

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