Justin Hayward’s Video Series Turns Into Album

2020 saw Justin Hayward go onto YouTube – every Tuesday for a few months, hence the series was billed as “Tuesday Afternoons” – to share with fans an exclusive performance from his “Nights” giving each song a context with a behind-the-scenes stories. All in all, the veteran delivered more than twenty pieces both from his own and THE MOODY BLUES repertoire, but for whatever reason Hayward decided to release, as a download, less than a half of those. Still, the digital album titled “Tuesday Afternoons, the Audio Files” and available now, features quite a few cuts which aren’t available as videos.

Tuesday Afternoons,
the Audio Files

Since nobody knows when Justin is able to hit the road again, this offering is as good as it gets. And it looks like this:

1. Hope And Pray
2. In My World
3. Lay It On Me
4. Lost And Found
5. My Brother
6. One Lonely Room
7. Out And In
8. The Swallow
9. Vintage Wine

December 22, 2021

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