KANSAS Embark On A New Flight

It’s been 16 years since KANSAS released a studio record, and many feared “Somewhere To Elsewhere” would be the band’s last. Yet that was exactly what it took them to attain genuinely legendary status, so it’s quite telling that the cover of “The Prelude Implicit” – the Americans’ forthcoming album, scheduled for September 23rd – bears the image of blue phoenix. Led by guitarist Rich Williams and drummer Phil Ehart, the ensemble’s mainstays, there from the very start, the group soar high again, this platter to be their first with Ronnie Platt on vocals and David Ragsdale on violin, yet they plan to perform not only new cuts on the fall tour but also classics from “Leftoverture” – or, to be precise, the entirety of that musical monument, celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2016.

To be made available on CD, vinyl and digitally, the new album looks like this:

KANSAS - The Prelude Implicit

The Prelude Implicit

1. With This Heart
2. Visibility Zero
3. The Unsung Heroes
4. Rhythm in the Spirit
5. Refugee
6. The Voyage of Eight Eighteen
7. Camouflage
8. Summer
9. Crowded Isolation
10. Section 60

June 21, 2016

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