Between KC & VDGG: Cross And Jackson Issue A Joint Effort

David Jackson and David Cross

David Jackson and David Cross

It’s been almost two years since these pages reported the news about the collaboration between David Cross and David Jackson, but it took some time for the former KING CRIMSON violinist and erstwhile VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR sax player to finally have results of their joint venture ready for release. Some people might hear some of this material from the stage, because the veterans didn’t limit their creative union to the studio, yet the album titled “Another Day” will be released on March 16th. Laid down in a quartet format, the record is to become the focus of the ensemble’s tour – and that’s where the most teasing improvisations can happen.

As of now, I asked the two Davids what it’s all about.

Says Mr. Cross:
“‘Another Day’ is Cross and Jackson’s debut album; it is quite different from anything else I have been involved with and I absolutely love it! David Jackson has been outrageous throughout and is a pleasure to work with. The collaboration has brought out the best in me and provided a fantastic vehicle for bassist Mick Paul and drummer Craig Blundell to show what they can do when they have the space and their instincts can roam free! Great tunes, great sounds and unfettered energy.”

Mr. Jackson concurs:
“This is a great album as far as I’m concerned – and one of the best of my career. It has been slow to finish, but fast and furious in the brief and scattered periods of intense creativity. The playing is great by everyone and the sound produced by my son Jake is phenomenal! Always inspiring to work with David Cross – as a wacky duo – or a powerful band playing such fulfilling music!”

As for the tracks, they run like this (read the review):


Another Day

1. Predator
2. Bushido
3. Last Ride
4. Going Nowhere
5. Trane To Kiev
6. Millennium Toll
7. Arrival
8. Come Again
9. Breaking Bad
10. Mr. Morose
11. Anthem For Another Day
12. Time Gentlemen, Please

January 29, 2018

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