Keanu Reeves’ DOGSTAR Return With Their Third Album

There are more than a few popular actors who dabble in music, usually as singers who don’t take this aspect of their career seriously and who are surely not serious as instrumentalists – with the exclusion of Johnny Depp refusing to understand he can’t really play and taking himself too seriously. Keanu Reaves is different: playing bass with DOGSTAR – a band he cofounded back in 1991 and saw break up in 2002 after only a two solid albums. But, having returned to the scene in 2022 and to the stage in May 2023, the trio prepared a fresh record for release.

Planned for October 6th, the ensemble’s first new music in more than 20 years consists of a dozen pieces which form a platter lengthily titled “Somewhere Between The Power Lines And Palm Trees”; and yes, Reeves is still a part of the collective – on par with guitarist-vocalist Bret Domrose and drummer Robert Mailhouse. Whether they retained a grungy edge can be heard in a couple of videos below.

Somewhere Between The Power Lines And Palm Trees

1. Blonde
2. How The Story Ends
3. Everything Turns Around
4. Overhang
5. Dillon Street
6. Lily
7. Lust
8. Glimmer
9. Sunrise
10. Sleep
11. Upside
12. Breach

September 25, 2023

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