Keith Emerson Issues His Earliest Tapes

A rarity and a collector’s item, that’s what the recordings by THE KEITH EMERSON TRIO have been. Laid down in 1963 in the future prog giant’s parents’ house in Woking, right in the front room, these jazz numbers made it onto four acetates only and didn’t result in an album. 2015 marked the vinyl debut of Emerson’s earliest tapes when they were released by the “Record Collector” magazine in a very limited run, and general public could get a glimpse of them via the YouTube snippet (watch below). But on November 6th these pieces will see a CD edition.

Titled simply “The Keith Emerson Trio,” there are seven compositions that show the keyboard player’s great potential, although they lack the wildness and flair which would characterize Keith’s oeuvre later on, with THE NICE and ELP. Read the review.

THE KEITH EMERSON TRIO - The Keith Emerson Trio

THE KEITH EMERSON TRIO – The Keith Emerson Trio

All in all, here they are.

1. You Say You Care
2. There Will Never Be Another You
3. Teenies Blues
4. Winkle Picker Stamp
5. 56 Blues
6. You Came A Long Way From Saint Louis
7. Soul Station

September 29, 2015

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