Keith Reid Sails On With New Album

Although Keith Reid will always be associated with PROCOL HARUM, his absence on the band’s “Novum” from last year was more than conspicuous. Whatever the poet’s reasons for falling out with the band were, he’s still out there – not turning his back on the realm of music. It might take Keith a decade to follow up on “The Common Thread” which saw Reid write with a few singers, but December 7th should finally the the release of “In My Head” by THE KRP – that’s the acronym for THE KEITH REID PROJECT. Again, there’s an array of vocalists involved, with John Waite and Steve Booker resuming their work with the wordsmith, and new voices joining them.

The album’s artwork continuing the "A Salty Dog" theme, it’s time to sail for parts unknown to man again. All in all, the record looks like this (read the review):

THE KRP - In My Head

In My Head

1. This Space Is Vacant (with Maya Saxell)
2. In My Head (with Anthony Krizan)
3. Thiefes Road (with Steve Booker)
4. Ten More Shows (with Maya Saxell)
5. The Bank Of Worry (with Jeff Young)
6. The Trial Of The Century (with Chris Merola)
7. Back From The Brink (with Maya Saxell)
8. All I Need To Know (with John Waite)
9. Dance With Me (with Maya Saxell)
10. House Of Cards (with Steve Booker)

October 15, 2018

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