KING CRIMSON Poet Debuts As A Solo Artist

Richard Palmer-James‘ name may not be a household one, but the fans of KING CRIMSON know it too well, as it was him who, having helped to launch SUPERTRAMP and played guitar on their first LP, was a lyricist on such classic albums as “Red” and it was him who wrote the words to “Book Of Saturday” and other gems. Living in Germany for many years, Richard didn’t have a musical career of his own, and his public endeavors have been limited to a rare collaboration with John Wetton, released as a JACK-KNIFE, and a later archival collection. Now, though, at 69, Palmer-James comes up with his first solo album: “Takeaway” – its line-up unknown as of yet – will see the light of day on October 7th.

To launch it, the veteran is going to play a couple of concerts in the UK and Germany. As for the songs, they are:



1. Aerodrome
2. A Very Bad Girl
3. Baker’s Dozen
4. Chances Passing
5. Dance For Me
6. Halfremembered Summer
7. Honest Jim
8. Highway Code
9. Doing Time
10. Guano Blues
11. Saving You From Drowning
12. So We Meet Again
13. Takeaway

August 26, 2016

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