KLAATU’s Terry Draper Goes Back To SOCIAL STUDIES

For all the melodic wonders Terry Draper demonstrated with various ensembles, first and foremost proggers KLAATU, and on solo albums like "Lost" – and there have been a lot of platters with him on – pure pop is hardly associated with the veteran Ontarian. Still, the ’80s saw such a project, called SOCIAL STUDIES, in which Draper collaborated with British chanteuse Jacqueline Kroft, the two writing and performing together, and which didn’t seem to produce a record… Until now.

Last month was finally when the band’s entire output made it to the shelves – digital and physical – as a CD/DVD set titled “Atlantic Crossing” and comprised of eleven pieces, aural and visual, that reveal quite an unusual aspects of both artists’ talents. An unexpected yet ultimately welcome release.

Atlantic Crossing

1. Love Is A Miracle
2. In The Shadows
3. More
4. Wild Winds
5. One Way Street
6. Come Again
7. Please Be Mine
8. Castles Made By Hand
9. Where Is This Love
10. Are You Home
11. Untamed Woman


May 13, 2024

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