KLAATU’s Terry Draper Releases A New Album

Having risen to prominence as one third of KLAATU, Terry Draper always was more than a drummer – otherwise his “Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft” wouldn’t become a hit for THE CARPENTERS back in 1977 – and the slew of solo albums the veteran’s released over the years testifies to his flight of fantasy. This is what drives the Canadian’s latest creation: the album titled “Lost” that’s out now on CD and as a digital download. The record’s 14 tracks are inspired by various literary and scientific sources and surely should appeal to the most discerning prog aficionado.

With a lavishly illustrated booklet and more than a few videos to bring it all to life, “Lost” is one of the most remarkable things to emerge in 2020. This is what it looks like – read the review:


1. Lost
2. A New Journey
3. A Walk In The Park
4. I Am Voyager
5. The Sun Never Sets (On The British Empire)
6. Home
7. Armchair Travelers
8. Land For A Flag
9. There’s No Goin’ Back
10. Ponce de Leon
11. Great Big Bullies
12. The Sultan’s Dream
13. The Edification Of Edward
14. Pangaea

December 20, 2020

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