LANDMARQ Celebrate Their Silver Jubilee With A Live Release

Hard to believe but one of the finest British neo-prog groups, LANDMARQ, have been there for 25 years now. Taking stock of their achievements, the band released an anthology titled "Origins" and now, fixing the current state of affairs, add a live CD and DVD package to it all. Called “RoadSkill,” it documents a concert played during the ensemble’s last tour in 2013 at De Boerderij, in the Netherlands, and, alongside road-tested pieces, includes material from their last album, "Entertaining Angels", as well as bonus features such as interviews.

The CD portion of the show is shorter than what’s on DVD, and the full breakdown looks like this (read the review):

LANDMARQ - RoadSkill


1. Turbulence
2. Personal Universe
3. Glowing
4. Stormbrewing
5. Thunderstruck
6. Prayer
7. Calm Before The Storm
i. Strange But Beautiful
ii. Spiderman
iii. Into The Abyss
8. Entertaining Angels

1. Mountains Of Anglia
2. Turbulence
3. Personal Universe
4. Glowing
5. Stormbrewing
6. Thunderstruck
7. Prayer
8. Walking On Eggshells
9. Calm Before The Storm
10. Entertaining Angels

June 8, 2015

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