Larry Coryell Packs Live Shows In A Box

LARRY CORYELL - Aurora Coryellis

Aurora Coryellis

Humor may not be associated with Larry Coryell, yet the title “Aurora Coryellis” can easily turn the impression of the guitarist as an extremely serious human being on its head. And not only the title but the whole of a forthcoming box set that bears these two words. Out on July 24th, it houses three concerts – in different formats: full band in 1972, solo in 1976 and trio in 2002 – and extensive liner notes written by the artist himself. The selection is interesting, the first show taking in half of “Offering,” the second a third of “The Restful Mind,” and the last one tapping into a festival spirit.

The full breakdown goes like this:

CD 1:
Jazz Workshop, Boston, MA – September 13th, 1972

1. Offering
2. Ruminations
3. Hen-Hopper
4. Scotland Part One
5. Offering (Reprise)

CD 2:
Clark University, Worcester, MA – June 23rd, 1976

1. Julie La Belle
2. Juju
3. Rodrigo Reflections
4. Eyes Of Love
5. Improvisations On Sarabande
6. The Restful Mind
7. Gratitude
8. Bouquet
9. Rene’s Theme
10. Ain’t It Is
11. St. Gallen
12. Spain

CD 3:
San Jose Jazz Festival, San Jose, CA – August 11th, 2002

1. Trinkle Tinkle
2. In A Sentimental Mood
3. Bumpin’ On Sunset
4. Manha de Carnaval (Theme To Black Orpheus)
5. Spaces Revisited Part One
6. Spaces Revisited Part Two
7. The Dragon Gate (Excerpt)

July 10, 2015

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