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Despite her Metal Queen mantle, Lee Aaron has never been known for sticking to a particular genre, her expertise embracing not only hard rock but also pop and jazz, so it’s hardly surprising that the Canadian songstress’ occasional effort to flesh out her repertoire with other artists’ songs – be it Stevie Wonder-written RUFUS number, a MONTROSE smash or a Willie Dixon perennial – showed an admirable spectrum of stylistic interests. Still, she never went for a full-out album of borrowed material – until now, as the lady’s intending to remedy this situation on April 26th with her most varied collection of tunes to date.

Titled “Tattoo Me” and referencing its opening cut, taken from THE 77s’ cache of songs, the record is varied in terms of both approach to a cover and the pieces’ source. After all, how often anyone dares to interpret a track by ALICE COOPER – the band, not the warbler – or go for the beauty of Britpop staple originated by ELASTICA and place those close to evergreens from Elton or Nina Simone? Lee does exactly that here, so Ms. Aaron shouldn’t be accused of following the fashion.

Tattoo Me

1. Tattoo (THE 77s)
2. Are You Gonna Be My Girl (JET)
3. Even It Up (HEART)
4. What Is And What Should Never Be (LED ZEPPELIN)
5. Is It My Body (ALICE COOPER)
6. Go Your Own Way (FLEETWOOD MAC)
7. The Pusher (Nina Simone)
8. Malibu (HOLE)
9. Someone Saved My Life Tonight (Elton John)
10. Connection (ELASTICA)
11. Teenage Kicks (THE UNDERTONES)

March 3, 2024

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