Lee Kerslake’s Solo Album Is Ready For Release

There were many things the great Lee Kerslake took pride in but most of those lay in the late drummer’s past, in his stints with URIAH HEEP and Ozzy Osbourne, which is why the veteran felt so great about a solo album he’d been working on for the last couple of years, all the while suffering from cancer and getting in and out of hospitals. “I do have a talent – not just playing the drums. Now I’ve done all the keyboards on my new album – it’s called ‘Eleventeen’ – and I sang all the songs, so you have to look out for it,” Lee told me in 2019, yet he didn’t live long enough to see the record released. It will be out on February 26th, 2001 on CD and vinyl, featuring seven songs and an instrumental finale, all delivered by Kerslake whose voice, a prominent part of HEEP harmonies, is finally at the fore.

Lee explained, “On the album, it’s just me and a guy called Jake Libretto, a guitarist extraordinaire and a brilliant drummer, too – that’s it. I’ve done all the music, and there’s a couple of tracks that a friend of mine, Thomas Jakobsson, gave me to listen to, so I wrote words and melodies to them, and put these songs on my album. I also share a track with Jake, called ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’.” He also planned another album, with pieces penned a few decades ago and updated, but whether this one will ever see the light of day remains unknown, so “Eleventeen” is to join the posthumous releases, as it’s going to be out after an album from Trevor Bolder and before Ken Hensley‘s last work.


1. Celia Sienna
2. Take Nothing For Granted
3. Where Do We Go From Here
4. You May Be By Yourself (But You’re Never Alone)
5. Port And A Brandy
6. You’ve Got A Friend
7. Home Is Where The Heart Is
8. Mom

December 4, 2020

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