Lee Ritenour And Dave Grusin Delve Into Selva And Favela Sounds

When it comes to contemporizing one of the most traditional genres in popular music, jazz, Lee Ritenour and Dave Grusin are unequalled – the former, a guitarist, crossing into rock deep enough to have recorded with THE MAMAS & THE PAPAS and PINK FLOYD, and the latter, a pianist, receiving Oscar nominations and an award for film scores – and what the two have dealt in, among other styles, was world music. And this is what the old friends and collaboration explore on their joint effort “Brasil” that will be released on May 31st.


If the pair’s previous forays into South American sounds were primarily live performances, this one is a studio opus, featuring a few Brazilian artists, including Ivan Lins whose 1985 album “Harlequin” on which both Dave and Lee played won a Grammy. Looks like their new endeavor is destined to repeat that feat: it feels too good to be ignored.

1. Cravo e Canela (Cloves & Cinnamon)
2. For the Palms – feat. GrĂ©goire Maret
3. Catavento
4. Vitoriosa (Victorious) – feat. Ivan Lins & Tatiana Parra
5. Canto Invierno (Winter Song)
6. Meu Samba Torto (My Crooked Samba) – feat. Celso Fonseca
7. Stone Flower – feat. Chico Pinheiro
8. Boca De Siri (Keep It Quiet) – feat. Chico Pinheiro
9. Lil Rock Way – feat. GrĂ©goire Maret

May 29, 2024

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