Leo Sayer gets restless down under

This year marks a decade since Leo Sayer relocated to Australia, which resulted not only in the change in the singer’s life but also in his music’s reach. Following up on 2008’s “Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow,” the artist’s new album, “Restless Years” has been recorded in Melbourne and released only in Oz. It’s classic Sayer, though, if the video teaser below is anything to go by. Of the thirteen tracks on display, four are co-writes with another famous melodist, Albert Hammond, while “Sometimes Things Go Wrong” bears an input from the late SUPERTRAMP bassist Frank Farrell who used to compose with Leo, their most successful collaboration being 1975’s hit “Moonlighting.”

Why isn’t “Restless Years” out worldwide remains a question, but it looks like this:

LEO SAYER - Restless Years

Restless Years

1. Beautiful Year
2. Competing With A DJ
3. How Did We Get So Old
4. Revolution Of The Heart
5. Millenium Wheel
6. Restless Years
7. One Green World
8. The Wrong Man
9. Look Around
10. The Radio Song
11. Sometimes Things Go Wrong
12. To The River
13. Mister In Between

February 20, 2015

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