Leslie West scales new heights

Not so many artists who graced the Woodstock stage has remained as relevant as Leslie West. Looks like the guitarist put MOUNTAIN on hold but the veteran’s songs such as “Long Red” that originally appeared on his 1969’s debut, “Mountain,” which gave name to Leslie’s band still sound fresh, the aforementioned piece sampled by the likes of Lana del Rey, on “Born to Die,” and Kanye West, on “Barry Bonds.” And it’s this classic that West re-recorded, with his bassist brother and former VAGRANTS member, Larry, for a new album, “Still Climbing,” out in October.

Its title an allusion on MOUNTAIN’s 1970 start, “Climbing!”, the record contains, alongside new compositions, Percy Sledge perennial “When A Man Loves A Woman” which features Jonny Lang. The other guests on this follow-up to 2011’s stars-studded Unusual Suspects” are Johnny Winter who engages in a slide guitar duel with West on “Busted, Disgusted Or Dead,” as well as TWISTED SISTER’s warbler Dee Snider, who, together with Leslie, voices “Feeling Good” made famous by TRAFFIC, and CREED’s own Mark Tremonti on opener “Dyin’ Since The Day I Was Born”. The sound, says the veteran, is massive as befits The Great Fatsby.

LESLIE WEST - Still Climbing

LESLIE WEST – Still Climbing

1. Dyin’ Since The Day I Was Born – with Mark Tremonti
2. Busted, Disgusted Or Dead – with Johnny Winter
3. Fade Into You
4. Not Over You At All
5. Tales Of Woe
6. Feeling Good – with Dee Snider
7. Hatfield Or McCoy
8. When A Man Loves A Woman – with Jonny Lang
9. Long Red
10. Don’t Ever Let Me Go – with Dylan Rose
11. Rev Jones Time (Somewhere Over The Rainbow)

August 13, 2013

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