An eponymous debut by the consortium of Tony Levin, Jordan Rudess and Marco Minnemann was one of 2013’s delight: complex, bold, wonderful. As busy as its creators have been since – ever are – the trio found the time, nevertheless, to record a follow-up. Out on July 15th, “From the Law Offices Of Levin Minnemann Rudess” will be available on CD, with a bonus DVD option, and some more related goodies to be snatched on the band’s PledgeMusic page.

Idiosyncratic yet immersive and full of humour, this collection is going to exhilarate many an aficionado of intellectual art and regular prog fan alike.

The album is rather eventful, track-wise, with CD offering a smattering of bonus pieces:

LEVIN MINNEMANN RUDESS - From the Law Offices Of

From the Law Offices Of

1. Back To The Machine
2. Ready Set Sue
3. Riff Splat
4. What Is The Meaning?
5. Marseille
6. Good Day Hearsay
7. Witness
8. Balloon
9. When The Gavel Falls
10. The Verdict
11. Free Radicals
12. Magistrate
13. Shiloh’s Cat
14. The Tort
bonus tracks exclusive to CD:
15. Testimony
16. Habeas Porpoise
17. The Tort (Ver. 2xb-7h)

June 17, 2016

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