LIFESIGNS Return To Base

LIFESIGNSself-titled debut was a prog highlight, one of the records that made 2013 much brighter, yet it took the British band four years to come up with its follow-up – although there was a pit-stop concert DVD that didn’t make it to these pages. Out in August, “Cardington” will find the ensemble’s in a different form, shrunk down to a trio of singing keyboardist John Young, bassist Jon Poole and drummer Frosty Beedle, whose guitar foils this time are not only their former colleague Niko Tsonev, but also IONA’s own Dave Bainbridge, Menno Gootjes of FOCUS fame, and Robin Boult from TILT, so the album is going to be as immense and impressive on instrumental front as its predecessor. Not a concept work, these pieces gravitate toward the finale’s story of the titular place: erstwhile Royal Air Force base in Bedfordshire with a rather glorious history – which can give it all an additional adventurous twist.

LIFESIGNS - Cardington


There are seven pieces on the record, both wordless and song-based:

1. N
2. Voice In My Head
3. Chasing Rainbows
4. Different
5. Impossible
6. Touch
7. Cardington

July 14, 2017

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