LIFESIGNS To Start A DVD Production

In January, LIFESIGNS – the quartet of John Young, Frosty Beedle, Jon Poole and Niko Tsonev – whose self-titled album caused a pop-prog stir in 2014 recorded a concert album, and it is moving into a production phase this week as a DVD/2CD package. So, having unveiled its artwork some time ago, the band published the tracklist of it all, and added a preview video. A teasing proposition.

So that’s what to be looking forward to:

LIFESIGNS - Live In London - Under The Bridge

Live In London –
Under The Bridge

1. Lighthouse
2. Telephone
3. Voice In My Head
4. Different
5. Impossible
6. Open Skies
7. Fridge Full Of Stars
8. At the End Of The World
9. Kings
10. Carousel

October 6, 2015

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