Linda Hoyle Returns In Style

Some careers have not be long to echo down the years, and it’s surely the case with Linda Hoyle, who was the singer with AFFINITY in the late ’60s – early ’70s and released a solo album, 1971’s “Pieces Of Me,” before turning to art therapy, although she’s kept on performing from time to time. One of those times, her old band’s reunion for a private event, saw the seed for a new record Linda worked on with, among others, old colleagues Mo Foster and Ray Russell, as well as the great Gary Husband and B.J.Cole, the result, called “The Fetch,” to be released on August 7th.

Partly autobiographical on the inside of the songs. the album’s cover was done by the ever-fantastic Roger Dean. Here’s the tracklist – and the review:


The Fetch

1. The Fetch
2. Cut And Run
3. Confessional
4. Brighton Pier
5. It’s The World
6. Fortuna
7. Snowy Night
8. West Of The Moon
9. Maida Vale
10. So Simple
11. Earth And Stars
12. Acknowledgements

June 3, 2015

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