LITTLE FEAT Go To Eat While Their Followers Play Lowell’s Songs

Some people erroneously think that LITTLE FEAT ceased to create after Lowell George had passed away, but while it was him who wrote perennial favorites like, to name but two, “Teenage Nervous Breakdown” and “Easy To Slip” – which would be covered by such different and situated across the ocean from the source artists as NAZARETH and Sandy Denny – his ensemble returned to life in 1987 and regularly released studio albums until 2012’s “Rooster Rag” seemed to become their last. Still, the veterans didn’t stop, and they’re finally ready to unveil its follow-up – but there’s more to the band’s legacy.

Sam’s Place

Scheduled for May 17th, “Sam’s Place” – an allusion to percussionist and now a lead singer Sam Clayton who, alongside bassist Kenny Gradney and founding member Bill Payne, represent the group’s classic line-up in the current one – will take them into the collective’s fifth decade and into the blues which their music has often been dipped in but never suffused with. Two of the platter’s pieces are Muddy Waters staples, one being “Long Distance Call” that the great George loved to play and that is given to Bonnie Raitt to voice here (she, who nailed down “Cold, Cold, Cold” with LITTLE FEAT in 1997, also suggested the guys do Willie Dixon’s “You’ll Be Mine”), and the other “Got My Mojo Working” – recorded on-stage, so there’s a lot to enjoy.

1. Milkman
2. You’ll Be Mine
3. Long Distance Call
4. Don’t Go No Further
5. Can’t Be Satisfied
6. Last Night
7. Why People Like That
8. Mellow Down Easy
9. Got My Mojo Working (live)

Long Distance Love:
A Sweet Relief Tribute To Lowell George

Yet on the same day, May 17th, a related offering will see the light of day, titled “Long Distance Love: A Sweet Relief Tribute To Lowell George” and featuring no less than 24 of the late artist’s evergreens – reimagined by a wide variety of musicians, including well-known luminaries Elvis Costello, Sugaray Rayford and Ben Harper and younger performers among which are Chris Stills, Joachim Cooder and Inara George – respectively, children of Stephen, Ry and, yes, Lowell. Must be interesting and emotionally fulfilling.

1. Trouble – Mike Viola
2. Cold, Cold, Cold – Joachim Cooder
3. Long Distance Love – Elvis Costello
4. Heartache – Bedouine
5. I’ve Been The One – Bhi Bhiman
6. Rock ‘N’ Roll Doctor – Miles Tackett
7. Be One Now – Lady Blackbird
8. Love Needs A Heart – Madison Cunningham
9. Easy to Slip – Jonah Tolchin
10. Dixie Chicken – Eleni Mandell and Milo Jones
11. Roll ‘Um Easy – Ben Harper
12. Lafayette Railroad – Larry Goldings
13. 6 Feet Of Snow – JACKSHIT
14. Cheek To Cheek – Gaby Moreno / Two Trains Running – Chris Seefried
15. China White – Chris Stills
16. A Apolitical Blues – Dave Alvin
17. Feats Don’t Fail Me Now – Sugaray Rayford
18. Sailin’ Shoes – Taylor Goldsmith
19. Spanish Moon – Inara George
20. Rocket In My Pocket – Sam Morrow
21. Willin’ – Jonathan Wilson
22. Teenage Nervous Breakdown – THE BIRD AND THE BEE
23. Crazy Captain Gunboat Willie – Andras Jones
24. 20 Million Things To Do – Gus Seyffert

April 5, 2024

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